Apple has released the Beta Version of iOS 12

Finally, the latest update of Apple devices has arrived. People can finally update their iPhones and iPads to the new iOS 12 version. The iOS version has a lot of new features which the people are waiting for ever since Apple came up with it. Today, Apple has announced that people can finally install the beta version of iOS 12 on their devices. It has made the version public for its users to test and suggest improvements.

Before, Apple launched the beta version only for the developers who pay around $99/month for their account.
But now, it is made available for everyone to test and report if there are any minor bugs. Apple has included a lot many new features and the new versions seem good. They said that the battery issue has been addressed and also some digital well-beings features have been added.

Also, since it is a beta version there will be many bugs and glitches which will irritate the users. Apple has taken care of making the OS version stable but some glitches are always present. However as reported by 9to5Mac, there has been minimal bugs in Maps, FaceTime and so on.

How To Update To iOS 12

Go through the steps mentioned below to install the latest OS version on your Apple devices.

  1. The very first thing is to backup your data if it gets lost in the process. For backing up your data, go to Settings -> Device -> Backup.
  2. For upgrading your device, you need to enroll for the Apple’s Beta Program. It can be done easily from the beta version site of Apple.
  3. Once you have enrolled yourself to the beta release, Apple will send the update to your devices directly from where you can download them.
  4. Just like the usual procedure, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  5. Update your devices to iOS 12 by downloading the latest OS version and it will automatically upgrade your device.

Once the above steps are completed, your device will be running on the latest iOS 12 version of Apple OS. Check if all the data are present or else use your backup to get your data back.


The new iOS 12 version offers a variety of features to the users. From the new Memoji to the digital wellbeing, it is quite interesting. Also, for the older iPhone and iPad users, Apple has taken care of the battery life. It has made sure that the battery life remains constant and does not fall rapidly which the users were complaining for a longer time. However, there are some glitches which were observed in the FaceTime which now supports group chat of a number of users together. The iOS 12 is still in the beta stage and later this year Apple will come with a more stable update with all the bug fixes. The new update will surely be beneficial for the users longing for new features and better battery life.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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