Apple Card is Finally Launched. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It has been quite a while, Apple just announced it’s own card. But it was only for a limited people. Only for those, who had been quite a long user of Apple products. Now, the card is available to everyone in the US. It works just like a normal credit card. The ones that you usually get from your bank. While Apple pay is still intact to the card, as transactions get tracked. Only to give you a review afterward, so you can manage your expenses well. So, here’s all you need to know about Apple’s new credit card.

Apple’s new credit card

It was quite unusual that Google just launched its own paying system. While the latter makes the kind of every bank, into a net banking system. And this has been the best ever google has contributed. Although, similar that Apple pay works great. Most users would grant for a new card. And now Apple has it.

Right on its hand. Do you want it? you got it. Although, mostly the card works on another set of grounds. You have to first apply for a card. Wait for nearly a week, before you can have one.

Know about Apple’s new credit card applications


A credit card almost applies everywhere. Especially if you have a master card, or similar. While to use a physical card feels good. Apple pay feels better. If you use this new one, it won’t be any different.

The card just acts and works like a usual credit card. Although there are a lot of bonuses too. The virtual card inside your pocketbook even has similar applications. While you have to deal with a hassle to pay online, finding out the virtual number first.

All Apple card has technically 3 numbers linked. First, is the 16-digit card number. You use it to pay online on sites and shopping. The second one is a 4 digit pin (basically), that has a relation to your usual physical card. Not the virtual one.

This 4 digit has a separate application. You can use to find out details about your transaction. Ones that you have done with your physical card. All you have to do is to call up the seller. Ask him to give you the transaction details.

You then give him this 4 digit pin number (of the physical card). Apple also gives in a 4 digit number (third one in the list). This is to handle payments with Apple Pay.

Apple’s new credit card works in a new way


The card does work with almost everything. Use it to shop at Walmart, physically or at online. Buy gas, Groceries, golf tickets, clothes and the latest in the line sneakers. While the card is actually linked with Apple pay. So you pay with it where you can. Just using your iPhone. Open the wallet.

There is the card image, which you have added. Then click on the side button two times. Face ID will scan you for verification. Lastly, you tap to pay on pay, where you want to pay the money. Otherwise, you physically use the card. When mobile paying does not work.

Apple card also has online and swipe features


Just like a real credit card, it applies everywhere. If you buy something from a site, you can use the card details directly. Onto the site itself, entering card number, expiry date, the security code.

All of these is available on the wallet. While for physical purchases, you can swipe it. On a payment machine. Just like a real one. Old school way.

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Although, you have to apply for a physical card through the mail. (The option is available in the process of applying). The card is made and supplied from Goldman Sachs bank. It has an Apple logo and a Mastercard one too on it. A magnetic Strip (for tracking).

No sort of info is physically printed on the card at all. This is for a security purpose, in case you lose your card.

Track purchases with Apple’s credit card


The card has a lot of applications in the Apply pay side. You can track your transactions, just like an actual tracking machine. In the wallet app, you click on the image of the card. The one which you are using it. the list of transactions will appear up. Right at below.

It shows the place, location with a map, the amount spent, name of the retailer(if any). And more. You can track your purchases and expenses through a graph. Both weekly and monthly basis, as you wish too.

The graph also indexes, the purchases into Travel, Transportation, foods, Drinks, restaurants, as it appears off. Overall of that, the categories get color-coded. And a micro pie chart appears with colors based on them. Just to show you how you have spent your credits.

That’s realty cool. A transaction also shows a cashback list. This pops up every cashback, rewards, refunds that you have earned so far. Thus to know about Apple’s new credit card, you need to use one. Right away.

Apple rewards


Using the Apple card has its own benefits. More you use it for purchases, better you earn rewards. The story with rewards is mostly small-time cash backs.

The rules sound like this exactly. You get 1% cashback when you use the Apple card or 16 digits for payments. Not with Apple pay. You get 2% when using Apple pay. And 3% when buying something from Apple, Uber eats or directly at Uber.

Although the amount is very small, it’s not that rewarding to the users, said, industrial Analyst. (working at

As Citi Double cash option gives you a 2% reward on every item you buy. Just look up for a card with a usual sign up bonus. For the time now, Apple does not literally have one. But it does give you a freedom to transfer any amount. Directly to a bank account from Apple cash (where the reward is stored literally).

You use Venmo, to send the money transferred to your physical account. While at Citi Cash, you wait until it becomes a $50 total. Only then it can be used for some service.

Why you should get Apple’s new credit card


If you don’t own a card, its not bad. Apple pay still approves to be well available and usable in the US. Almost everywhere. 90% of places with mobile banking. But getting a card would actually fill you up for that 10% too. Apple card applies widely like you would use any other bank card.

Also, read Want Apple Card right now? Just use your iPhone.

The titanium card even has its own ICs to track purchases right to your phone. That’s new. Want to apply for it? just go to your iPhone. Open the wallet app. There is a button in the upper right corner, as Add. Tap on it. You will then be prompted to the whole process by the application itself. Including ordering a new titanium card.

Final verdict


Apple does have a lot of promises on its new card. The applying process is very simple. You don’t have to upgrade to anything new. Instead just apply for a new titanium card, in the process itself. It will arrive in your mail as fast as possible. Use it to play anywhere you want.

Physically or virtually with the physical card or just details. And win cashback. For a starter, this sounds much efficient and effective of a strategy. Should you get Apple’s new credit card? You should apply for one now. As there is more to know about Apple’s new credit card.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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