Android 10 Update: 6 Features Similar to Apple’s iOS

Android 10 update released recently and we installed it and tested it. Google’s Android 10 update is just 6 MegaBytes. There are so many features that came with this update.

The features include Sound Amplifier, Dark Mode, Live Captions, Focus Mode, and much more. There were so many similar features between iOS 13 and Android. In this article, we are going to see 6 features Google copied/inspired from iOS.

1. Location Permission

location permission feature

Privacy is the main thing that needs to be optimized in each and every update. Google never fails to do that. In Android 10, location access can be enabled to a specific app. The highlight is that when that app is not in use, location access is cut.

So, the location won’t run in the background and drain your battery. The same feature was introduced by Apple in earlier iOS updates.

2. Gesture Navigation

gesture navigation feature

Gesture Navigation in Android faced so much criticism in the past. In Android Pie, Google released a half-baked gesture navigation system. Just like the iPhone, you can easily switch between apps with just a swipe along the bottom.

In Android 10, you can just swipe from the right or left side to go back. This is availble on the iPhone for a long time. 2-button 3-button navigation options are provided in Android 10. Some android users don’t like jumping right away.

3. Audio Balancer

audio balancer feature

Android has introduced the same audio balancer feature that the iPhone has. You can find a volume level balancer for the left and right audio channels from the accessibility page.

If you have a hearing problem from one of your ears, you can use this feature to adjust the volume accordingly. The volume adjuster is a great feature to have. It helps you receive equal volume from both ears.

4. Sound Amplifier

sound amplifier feature

Live Listen is one of the stunning features introduced by Apple. In iOS 2, this feature acts as a surveillance tool. You can start recording the live audio in real-time using the mic on the iPhone. Also, you can listen to live audio using AirPods.

Sound Amplifier feature from Google is almost similar to Live Listen. More control options are present in the Sound Amplifier compared to Live listen. In Android 10, you can use only 3.5mm jack & Type-C port earphones.

In Andoird, you can’t hear the audio wirelessly. The good thing is you can still spy on others and pretend like you are listening to music.

5. Wi-Fi Password Sharing

WiFi password sharing feature

Sharing your Wi-Fi password is not a cool thing. That’s why iOS introduced a feature that enables you to share your WiFi connection without revealing the password.

Google has introduced the same feature in a different way. QR code generation for your WiFi connection on your mobile enables you to share. Your friend needs to scan the QR code to access your WiFi.

This will be of great help when you arrange a function in your home. Guests will not be asking for your WiFi password.

6. eSIM Support

eSIM support feature

eSIMs are advanced and modern compared to SIM cards that are in use for the last 3 decades. eSIM is a digital SIM card that can be activated without physically inserting the SIM card. You can easily switch between networks.

Google introduced eSIM on Pixel 2 before iPhone XS. In Android 10, you can make use of this feature which has made our lives easier.


These 6 features integrated into Android 10 are already present in iOS. It doesn’t mean that Google copied from the iPhone. For some reason, Google didn’t have these features in Android. Now, they decided to give us some cool features that we are going to enjoy.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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