Android 10 Confirmed, Cool New Features. Everything You Need To Know

It’s been a year since Android Pie came into the public. The beta version showed off some cool things and brought some great optimizations. Google releases often on Android OS upgrade at least once in 2 years maximum. As it loves to be updated and great all the time. Well, the wait for a new OS is over. Android Q is officially Android 10 Now, Having Cool New Features. Everything You Need To Know. Wait, what? Android 10 is the new latest Google Android Operating System?

Android 10 is the new name of Android Q

Sweet names were sweet, lovely and colorful. Just like Google android is with its Colourful environment. And user-friendly system interaction. While it’s time to be mature and move with numbers. If you are not surprised, the new Android Operating System is named as Android 10. Yes, like Windows 10 and iOS 10, 10.3.3, 10.3.4.

Similarities strike like arrows to the heart. As Google was once childish and cool. In the mature grounds, it sounds serious. Like a real player in the world of smartphones and Operating systems.

No more dessert names for Google OS upgrades


It was a quirky move to remove the convention of food names, to the system upgrades. Google might get fired with a billion questions, as to why no more names. Why numbers? Numbers don’t sound cool, unless with quantity or money. Names do. Why Google? Still, it seems to be acceptable.

Google kept the small robot as its logo. The green bot with small antennas. As Aude Gandon mentions, it will always be the green robot. It makes Android so special in many ways. It only makes Google fun, productive and user-friendly, with a human touch. Although, it did change a bit. Only the head is at the top. Also, it is too much light green.

Android 10 naming: Why no more names

Google did keep up the lettering of the android System updates. As after Android P, comes Q. Android Q is now the new OS. Android Q is officially Android 10 as seen. But as Pie sounds good, names with Q don’t. Google’s Product Manager vice President Sameer Samrat agreed with it.

He also mentioned that Google picked up this naming scheme for a reason. It just wanted to switch the old technique to a new one. Using dessert names isn’t that so good for people. He argues that good names are always available at disposal. There are plenty of them, too many to use. But it leaves a part of the world out.

Also, check- Google Officially Names Android 9 As ‘Pie’ and Some Important Android Pie Features.

Google makes sense with Android 10


The majority of the world uses Android. More than iOS smartphones. As the OS is user-friendly, productive apps are free, security is good and phones are too cheap. While the name of the operating system defines the smartphone. Especially for Android, as Google only prefers positivity. But the names are in English, common to Americans and those knowing it properly.

The rest of the world isn’t. Going with those names, kind of leaves some parts of the world out. Also, it sounds not so good. Pie confuses as to which pie is it. Nougat is not a dessert at all, it only applies to recipes. Oreo is a dessert but only one? Also, Android Queijadinha sounds too much awful. Yikes!

Too much with names now. Let us see what Android 10 has new to offer despite the new name.

Android 10 latest Beta 7 is live

Google did change the logo a bit, only the head with the antennas. But the System will be a better one. As it always has been. The developer preview is on, live, out for testing. Then a beta version, which is now live too for users to check-in. The first Beta got released on March 13.

The second Beta 2 on April 3, refreshed with new updates and bug fixes, optimizations. Google released a lot of beta versions this time, just to be clear on the OS. Lately, on August 7, the last Beta 6 was released.

Smartphones to get Android 10 Beta 6


Only 20 smartphones among all the 12 manufacturers are only live. Huawei, as usual, is out, as allegations and ban prefer. Sad. Although all of the Pixel Phones are ready to receive the update anytime. (This is one joy to buy one). Common smartphones include only flagships.

Namely Sony Xperia Z3, LG G8 and One Plus 6T. All you need to do is to just log into your google account. Then choose the device, available for beta rollout. Google will then send you an air update to download the Beta 6 and install it. This is one way to experience out Android 10 right now. Now Android Q is officially Android 10, we can see some good features.

Best new features and updates of Google Android 10

Android 10 is said to come with a hell lot of updates from Pie. As it took up new side notes, from other OS grounds, mainly the theme update. Let’s have a look.

  1. No back button

From Android 1 to 8 had stayed. 8 long years, it did very well. On Android 10, it’s gone. While the newer custom UIs of newer smartphones threw away the back button. The Redmi K20 Pro does not have it, though it runs Pie.

But it’s gone for bad, on 10. From now, gestures will be on job. Swipe up to Home. Swipe left or right goes back again to the previous task. While Swipe up and hold brings the multitasker window. While apps are now in design, for this kind of gesture. But Google made it official on grounds.

  1. New Color Themes

Finally, a worthy upgrade, not just on Wallpaper extracted themes. Android 10 will come with a separate theme option, with great colors. Well, you won’t get too many of them like it was on Windows 10 smartphones. But near. It was found in the Beta 1 testing, the colors seem to be looking great.

With upcoming versions, the shades got to increase a bit. Right now, the shades include Green, Purple, Ocean, Space, orchid, Cinnamon. Blue is the default mode. While Black can be triggered, as a normal and a separate mode. Future updates will give out more.

  1. Permissions are now more open 


You get a whole new set of permission controls for apps. Instead of a one-time and permanent access, now there is only a time slot. Apps will access your location, data, storage needs, performance, and mobile resources freely. But only for a limited amount of time.

Also, the whole permission setting is now redesigned. Just to give you a better understanding of how apps access your phone. A pop up will now ask you to grant access for a limited time. Or for how much time it is open in the background. You can completely deny or grant.

  1. Foldable Phone’s OS

Foldable Phones will come in the future. But Google already has an OS for them. Android 10 is specifically designed for better gestures and controls. Foldable phones might have multiple tasks running. So a better gesture is needed on both sides. The On Resume and OnPause to control multiple apps.

This also reminds them of their focus on the screen and when used, to stay in the background. The resizable activity attribute also has been made better to scale up apps in the right manner. As the screens already got bigger on foldable phones.

  1. Privacy now better

Apps can no longer access your location for a long time. As the system will prohibit it to do so. Much better working with the Permissions systems, privacy is now better. Google is serious about privacy.

As a lot of apps track down data and send it over to their servers. For data research and AI training, it does sound good. But it already compromised the security. For that, apps will now have limited access to locations, media storage, and a lot more services.

  1. On-screen recording


Most operating systems except Android have an on-screen recording. But Google officially made it clear, Android 10 will come with this feature. Aside, recording a full-resolution video of around the screen, you can choose to record the audio either by the speaker or headphone mic.

To enable the feature, go to settings>System>developer options>feature flags in the debugging menu. Toggle the settings_Screenrecord_long_press to on. Now you are well set to record videos on the screen. Also, directly launch the feature by holding the power button, pull up the menu and long-press the screenshot button. Tap on start recording. That’s all.

  1. Adapted settings for apps

Android 10 will offer apps to enable the right settings to make them work properly. Apps often require Data settings to be triggered. If data is not available, the data or Wi-Fi settings will pop up. Floating settings pop up, which can get triggered by certain apps in Android 10. You can then switch back the right ones. This is just to make work easier on apps than to leave and return.

  1. Share better

Android 10 will both have a better sharing option, aside also a faster share menu. You can customize the Share menu as you to your likes. But instead, when a sharing is required, the menu will pop up instantly. As fast the UI can run. This is to make sharing faster. Since on Pie, the sharing was a bit slower to activate and choose the apps. The relevant address switching works Ok, but it will be made faster in Android 10.

  1. QR codes for Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi passwords are to keep unusual usage of data from illegal users. But for friends and family, the Wi-fi sharing can get done using a QR Code. On the option to view more, a sharable QR code option is present.

To connect devices to it, you will have to share with them following your authentication followed. Contrary to Pixel Phones, Xiaomi already had one employed for Wi-Fi share by QR codes. That too, in 2014. But Google is about to bring it officially. You can even set the visibility of your MAC address to your real one. Or a random one.

  1. The Always-on the display is more informative

The Always On Display or AOD feature is now more informative to the screen. Providing that battery backup has got better, over the limit. Pixels on the screens can be used more to display important info.

That includes current track playing, Google Assistant alerts, On display fingerprint, even dates, messages and lot more. Most of these are yet to come to the future builds with Android Q is officially Android 10. Now, only tracks show up.

[quads id=2]

  1. Screenshots are now round-edged

While notched smartphones still had one thing not notched like the screen itself. Screenshots. Don’t be happy. Android Q is officially Android 10 and that feature is now eliminated.

Screenshots will appear exactly how the display of your phone is designed. If it’s oval at the sides, your PNG files of screenshots will come out similar. If a notch is also present, congrats! That too would appear on the shots.

  1. Better Camera performance on camera apps


In-app camera performances were worst, unless with a good camera. Forget Bokeh, the usual shots turned out average. For that, Google is working for a new image file format, that would capture every data.

Plus, mostly for bokeh shots, the in-app camera performances would be made better. On all third-party apps. The DD format or Dynamic Depth format will allow for storing metadata, depth elements binaries, depth, confidence map.

All these in just one single file. While the additional effects can also be stored for better AR uses. Also, Google is trying to make the DD format an open image extension. It should soon be accessible to users on all devices and systems.

  1. Desktop mode

Android 10 will be offering a desktop mode to hook your smartphone to an external wireless display. The range of resolution is still not qualified. It would depend on what grade of displays and Hz range, your mobile chipset’s GPU supports.

It will offer you to move apps anywhere, use the navigation bar, multi-window features to multi-task. Mostly similar to a pixel, but it is near to what Samsung’s DEX offers as computers.

Android 10 is now at the beta Stage 6. But soon it would be finalizing out as a new Android OS. Most of the smartphones with the proper hardware to run it will be notified by an update from the manufacturer.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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