Andriod P: Google releases final Android P Beta 4 for Pixel Devices

As we all know Android P is here soon as the developers put some final touches in it which gives it a new platform. So today we all are here for Android P beta . Official android P platform is going to launch Beta 4 in last of this summer. Grab this opportunity to test your applications and updates, to make sure that all users are satisfy with it.

What’s new in this update?

It also think to release candidate built with the last and attractive system behaviors. The official Android P APIs (API level 28) is launched since beta 2. This also gather everything which you want for your testing in time for the recent official Android P release.

Ready your apps for Android P

Launch is coming soon for customers, as it is very important to test your applications for compatibility with Android P. All you have to do is just install your current application from Google playstore on an Android P beta emulator or device. Also make sure that all your applications runs and looks great, and it properly handles the Android P behaviour changes.

Android P restricts access to the selected non-SDK interfaces , so reduce your reliance on them. Also watch for uses of non- SDK interfaces in yous applications. As you have made all your essential updates, we advised for publishing to google play right away without modifying the targeting of application’s platform. This will ensure a great experience for Android P users while you work on incrementing your applications with targeting and Android P APIs.

Enhance your applications with Android P APIs and latest features

Whenever you are ready to dive into Android P firstly you should learn all the new features and APIs of this new system that you can use for your applications like for display cutout, image decoder, multi-camera support, enhanced notifications, text classifier and others.

Download the official API 28 SDK and tools into Android Studio 3.1 to built with the new APIs and then update your project’s compileSdkversion and ther targetSdkversion API 28. Whenever you change your targeting make sure that your applications support all of the applicable behavior changes.

Here is a common strategy to use Google play’s beta testing feature to get a early feedback from a small group of users and then do a staged rollout to the production. Whenever you are ready, publish your APK updates that are optionally targeting, or compliled against, API 28.

What is next?

All you have to do is just stay tuned with the official Android P launch which is coming soon. You can continue by sharing your request and feedbacks in meantime and feel free to use hotlists for the platform issues, application compatibility issuesand third-party SDK issues

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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