Scientist Anatoli Brouchkov Injected Bacillus F Bacteria to be Immortal

What is Bacillus f? Who is Anatoli Brouchkov?

Many people in this world are searching for the legendary fountain of youth since antiquity.

So, does it even exist? Is this possible?

A Russian Scientist named Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov believes it exists.

According to him, he found it in 3.5-million year old bacteria.

So, what was done by Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov after that?

Yes, he injected himself with it.

Bacillus F (The bacteria which does not die)

In 2009, Dr. Brouchkov first discovered this bacteria frozen deep in the permafrost on a mountain in Yakutsk region of Siberia.

The bacteria is Bacillus F. It is even deeper than wooly mammoth remaining in the permafrost.

According to Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov, this bacteria was 3.5 million years old, which impressed him. Even after so long, it was still alive.

Also, Bacillus F makes everything around it live longer. A Russian Epidemiologist Dr Viktor Chernyavsky calls this bacteria an ‘elixir of life‘ as its effects on fruit flies, crops, and mice have been positive.

Though Bacillus F has positive effects, for now, we call it as a bacteria. But it is very powerful. Chernyavsky also adds that mice managed to live longer, and stay fertile even after aging.

Crops managed to grow faster and remained more resistant to frost. Also, people in Yakutia region live longer than average.

Everything because of Bacillus F, as it has infiltrated their water supply.

It is not possible for a human to live one million years. But, this Bacteria is really strong.

It knows the way how to stay longer, that humans don’t.

It is very new discovery, and hence scientists don’t understand what mechanism exactly allows the bacteria to live longer.

For now, Anatoli Brouchkov and his team-mates have sequenced DNA of the bacteria, but they are yet to find out which of its genes make it live so long.

According to Dr. Brouchkov, identifying the genes of this bacteria is as complex as identifying genes that cause cancer.


So, it will take time for when you can buy a Bacillus F injection at CVS.

  • Bacillus F has never been tested on humans. No one knows its effects on humans. But, Dr. Brouchkov was not worried about being the first human to inject the bacteria. For this he says, no one even knows how aspirin works. So, he was curious to do this!
  • Finally, he decided to inject himself with the bacteria and see what happens. It is very dangerous, but, may be now he will live forever!
  • He is still alive and since 2015, he is resistant to cold and flu. He is feeling better than ever and reported to have high energy levels.
  • There is a probability that it might be the placebo effect. But, if Dr. Brouchkov lives 1,000 years, you know that it indicates. For now, we need more research on Bacillus F to make sure it can extend the human life.

Russian Scientist Injects Himself With 3.5-Million-Year-Old Bacteria

Here is a video for better understanding.

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Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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