Amazon Unveils ‘Proteus’, Its First Fully Automated Mobile Warehouse Robot

  • In order to transport enormous carts for warehouses, Amazon announced the release of its first “automated mobile robot.”
  • Amazon claims that the robot, Proteus, can securely move near employees.
  • When a person approaches and stands in front of the robot, it has the ability to stop moving.

To help handle enormous carts around its facilities, Amazon has unveiled its “first completely autonomous mobile robot.” Proteus is the name of the robot, and Amazon claims that unlike some of its earlier robots that it kept segregated in a caged area, it can even work in the same area as its human co-workers.

The business unveiled the robot in a video that shows Proteus effortlessly moving a cart by sliding underneath it, lifting it up, and pushing it. According to Amazon, the Proteus robots it recently released have “advanced safety, perception, and navigation technologies.” There is a green light in front of the robots as they move, as shown in a video that was posted on YouTube. The robot will stop traveling anytime it detects a human nearby, according to The Verge, and resume its path after the human has left the area.

There have also been several robotic systems introduced, according to the corporation. Cardinal, a robotic arm with a 50-pound lifting capacity, will also be added by Amazon. They plan to install the robotic arms in their warehouses by next year.

Amazon’s video also showcases technology that might enable staff to stop using the hand scanners they now use to record barcodes. Instead, employees don’t have to stop to scan labels but rather stand in front of a camera system that detects the products.

Although the robot technology appears to be excellent for managing warehouse inventories, it has naturally raised labor-related issues. To which an Amazon robotics division lead gave a statement to Forbes saying “replacing people with machines is just a fallacy,” which could lead to them potentially going “out of business.”

According to Amazon, all its new robots may contribute to increased safety. To prevent worker accidents, Cardinal will assist when employees are carrying shipments. Additionally, Proteus can eliminate the need for individuals to carry big goods manually.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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