Amazon dismisses an employee for sharing customer e-mail addresses.

In The Wall Street Journal, you will find a post that mentions the full story about Amazon’s employees sharing customer e-mail addresses to the third-party sellers. In September, Amazon accepted that some of its sellers gave a bribe to its employees to remove negative ratings from their products. Also, some employees were sharing proprietary information like sales data or e-mail addresses of its customers.

This is something serious and can turn into a big issue. Now, there’s another same story mentioned in FT. According to the story by FT, Amazon did fire one of its employees.

Employee Sharing customer e-mail addresses

According to FT, the employee shared e-mail addresses of its customers to a third-party seller in its marketplace. Amazon agreed with it and made a confirmation. The one who was responsible for this has been fired from his/her position.

Amazon made an arrangement to notify its affected customers and assured its customers that no other information was leaked to other parties. For this, Amazon supports its affected customers in law enforcement.

An affected customer forwarded the mail received from the Amazon to The Verge. The mail mentions that the employee has been fired from his/her position, and the third-party seller has also been banned from its marketplace. But, Amazon didn’t mention the name or details about that third-party seller. Additionally, Amazon declined to provide any further information about the employee.

WSJ Report

According to the report of the WSJ, such third-party sellers act really smart in offering bribes to the employees of Amazon. Such third-party sellers prefer to use middlemen to find and deal with Amazon employees. In turn, such third-party offers money for internal information.

This way, sellers can easily gain more customers than their competitors. Now, Amazon is investigating the complete matter and would consider putting the restrictions on systems. So, it can easily determine what employees can access.

Protecting customer data is really important for Amazon’s business as it holds personal information, including debit and credit card numbers of over 300 million customers worldwide. Such incidents could easily destroy the reputation of any company. And, for a company like Amazon with over 300 million accounts worldwide, such incidents could easily imbalance the company’s well-maintained reputation.

Interestingly, this incident has occurred just a few weeks after The Wall Street Journal’s report. The report also mentioned that this practice was more prevalent in China. For now, it is unclear about the connection between both the incidents.

Amazon has provided a way for its customers to report if they receive any unsolicited emails from any seller. You can easily forward such mails to [email protected].

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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