Alien Life Finds Possibility On Planet Venus

The neighbour planet to earth Venus suspected of having Alien Life with the recent discovery of Phosphine on the planet.
Researchers have found a large amount of Phosphine present in the acidic clouds of Venus.
The existence of Phosphine leads to the existence of microbes which means there is a possibility of life on the planet.

Alien Life is workable with Bio-signature Phosphine

Alien life is workable with Bio-signature Phosphine
For any living environment, the presence of Phosphine marks the crucial element for life existence. Thus its called as ‘Bio-signature’.
Researchers have not found any exact proof of life on the planet but the discovery of Phosphine is proving as a hint for alien life.
Bacteria which live in the oxygenated environment produce Phosphine gas. It is generally found in the dung of penguin and slime, it smells like rotten fish.
Other organisms like bacteria and microbes also produce Phosphine, thus alien life seems to exist on Venus.

Alien Life indications are for the atmosphere of Venus and not the land

Life indications are for the atmosphere of Venus and not the land
The land on Venus is not appropriate for life, the surface has a high temperature and is highly acidic. Whereas 35 miles above the atmosphere shows a decrease in temperature and acid levels.
The acidic clouds containing Phosphine are also found at this level. The acids in them can quickly kill the Phosphine gas but it forms actively.
The researchers think there is any chemical or geological action responsible behind the formation of the Phosphine gas. They also say there can be any biological reason pointing towards alien life on the planet.
This cannot be a robust finding which can prove the existence of alien life on the planet Venus.

The cause behind the formation of Phosphine gas

The cause behind the formation of Phosphine gas
There is no clue for the origin of the gas and there is a long way to go before the researchers discover the origin of the formation of the Phosphine gas.
Experts say there are very unusual reasons behind the phenomena occurring on Venus. There is more research to take place to find the true origins and phenomena responsible for it.
Phosphine is a very toxic gas and it is in 20 ppb (parts per billion) high above in the atmosphere of Venus. Venus is a hot planet and covered by the sheets of toxic gases all over.


Scientists have found that there is a balance between the rate of formation of Phosphine and the rate of its destruction.
This was the signs of alien life possibility gathered by the robotic probe sent to the planet. For more research about life possible, we need to send another robot probe to the Hot acidic planet.
Venus is very near to the planet earth and is slightly smaller than the size. Based on the previous invades on the planet the next missions seem easy and feasible.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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