AI Resolutions You Need To Make In 2020 If You Are Planning To Use

Everyone takes resolutions before the year starts ahead, and we also need to take one with regards to the usage of AI. AI Resolutions in 2020 something you must consider if you have any plans using it.

The new tech novelty will enter usage, but we should keep its efficiency in mind. Before starting the usage, here are three resolutions we should take before anything else.

Keep human efficiency in mind before using AI

Keep human efficiency in mind before using AI

The year 2019 has shown us many AI applications that being excitement very well. But at the same time, fear of AI taking over human efficiency also arises. 80% of companies plan to employ AI in their business sectors.

The Intelligence score may not just meet the demand of transactional elements, but also interactive. Take the example of Alexa,  they can be interactive but it’s sometimes frustrating that it cannot catch our emotions.

AI may have a lot of I.Q but sadly had no E.Q. So till the time AI becomes empathetic, human resources are required to understand it’s development.

Swear to consider AI employment with regards to our human resources this year.

Take over any conversation with actionable and thoughtful regulations

AI can take over our lives in uncountable ways, but everything should be in control. All of the actions will be decisive on positive and negative based on the way we use it.

AI systems are seen biased against the minority groups and government cases accounted for being unethical in the past few years.

While we have started updating on AI, the next step we should take ahead is moving on the basis of regulations and uphold standards. Business leaders can’t rely on AI completely and thus require experts to guide them.

Industries need to take ahead all conversations on the basis of regulations and prevent cases that would be harmful. We should vow to benefit people’s health and benefits with the use of AI.

Swear to bring women ahead in the tech world

Swear to bring women ahead in the tech world

Women in tech are definitely found in the minorities, and it’s time this definitely needs to stop. The tech industry has brought a lot of struggles for women ahead, and the field is very less diversified.

Women tend to have access to tech jobs less than 20 percent. Imagine 8 out of 10 people in the industry are men. Shocking, isn’t it?

Diversity of women using AI in tech jobs should increase this year, and equal funding and salaries must be available.

We should build foundational support for women in this field and let them know they exist as much as men do. We should vow to bring women ahead in the field.


If all leaders stay accurate and true to these resolutions they take, the world will be ready for AI. Businesses will be better, and also elevate women in the tech sector.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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