AI Is An Important Tool In Solving The Corona Crisis

Even well-developed countries like the US are struggling with the Corona Crisis. There are not a lot of cards left to deal with this issue.

Several hospitals are flooding with patients who find themselves having symptoms. As this disease can be life-threatening it is impossible to convince people otherwise.

As the hospital beds are full, a lot of patients remain untreated. This is the major reason for the rising number of fatalities.

This is where AI comes into play. AI has helped us in various situations like this. Especially when it comes to analysing large scale data.

AI could potentially help us in identifying people who need to get admitted and people who don’t.

Jvion’s AI

Jvion’s AI

Jvion is developing an AI which could turn the situation upside down. The Machine learning algorithms used in this AI can detect patients who need medical help.

The patients who have a good immune system can get back to their homes. Jvion’s AI analyses two sets of symptoms.

The first one being, the symptoms of the patients who get cured of the infection on their own.

The second set of data will be from the patients who die from the disease even after extensive treatment.

This can help healthy patients to stay in their homes and stop infecting other patients. This might not solve the corona crisis but will help in reducing it.

Employed Methods Of Diagnosis

There are various steps which the AI uses to diagnose the disease. Some methods include scanning the body heat of the people in public places and Large scale data analysis of chest x-rays.

The ML algorithms will then calculate the spread of the virus. Jvion’s AI would use the help of all these methods.

It will analyze a patient’s risk of catching the viral infection individually. It needs no further medical support or equipment.

This will be extremely useful in densely populated areas. The patients do not have to flood the hospital gates.

Jvion’s Theory

Jvion has an interesting conclusion. This is a product of extensive research.

Jvion has an interesting conclusion. This is a product of extensive research.

They say that an individual’s health diagnosis is possible from previously available medical data.

It involves no risk of new patients catching up the infection. There have published detailed reports about this strategy recently.

Jvion is currently operating within the United States. But they have plans of extending their support to the entire world.

They have recently launched a vulnerability map which would allow people to know the regions which will need huge medical support.

Increasing the number of users will provide the AI model with enough data. This data will improve the accuracy of the AI with every cycle.

The map will provide the most important resource which the world needs now. Time. The map will let the hospitals know beforehand about the number of potential patients.


It is satisfying to know that the entire world is working on the corona crisis. AI is one of the powerful tools we have against the virus.

Although it cannot solve the disease directly, it will guide us into the right path. Sorting out the patients is one of the most important tasks at the current moment.

It is essential for hospitals to save up space. The neediest patients should receive immediate treatment.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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