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According to Tesla, Autopilot mode was engaged during the crash of Model X

According to Tesla, Autopilot mode was engaged at the time of lethal Model X crash. The crash occurred on March 23rd in Mountain View, California. The company reacted to the situation on late Friday with a statement in reply to the news that reported that the victim of the crash had complained several times to the company regarding Autopilot mode prior to the crash in which he died. From the logs derived from the crash site, Tesla came to know that Autopilot mode was on. The company also said that the driver had his hands off the steering wheel and was not responding to the warnings given by Autopilot mode for re-taking the control. The driver failed to detect one audible and several visual signals given to him six seconds prior to the crash. According to the vehicle logs, no action was taken by the driver to re-take the control and drive the vehicle away from the concrete divider. He had five seconds and 150 meters for re-taking the control.

The driver, Walter Huang, was headed southbound on California’s Route 101 when his Model X crashed. It was crashed with the safety barrier section of the divider that separates the carpool lane from the off-ramp to the left. The vehicle was on fire, frond end was ripped, and two other cars crashed. Rescuers removed Huang from the vehicle and brought him to the Stanford Hospital.

Model X Crash Reports

According to Mercury News, the driver died from the severe injuries sustained in the crash. NTSB (The National Traffic Safety Board) has also launched an investigation for the incident. According to the company, they had never seen such accident before in any Model X. The crash was very severe as the attenuator had been crushed in the crash. Tesla admitted that the Autopilot is not a perfect system, but also argues it to be far better than any alternatives. Tesla Autopilot does not prevent all accidents, but minimize them. It makes the world safer for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.


News are always regarding the accidents that happen, and never about the accidents prevented. The reason behind people not using Autopilot is that they believe it is unsafe. 1.25 million automative deaths occur in the world. If the world adopts Tesla standards, it could save 900,000 lives per year. Autonomous cars could be 10 times safer than non-autonomous cars.