9 privacy experts says “I told you so” about Facebook – Hopefully we’ll follow them next time

We should have known about Facebook earlier. Why? Because many privacy experts told us so. But, nobody in this world could resist Facebook. Taking expert advice lightly brought this situation today, and hopefully we will listen to the experts next time. 9 experts who said “I told you so” about Facebook are:

Rick Falkvinge (Founder of Pirate Party)

He told us about NSA earlier, but we didn’t listen. He told us about Facebook, but we didn’t listen. It is very easy for a surveillance society to get built, but takes centuries for rolling back. He advises paying attention to what’s happening before doing anything.

Cory Doctorow (Author and editor of Boing Boing)

He already told us before that Facebook is abusing our data. According to him, this is the moment of ‘peak indifference’. As climate change warning falls on dear ears, they spent 20 years trying to make people understand about privacy and failed. Once the consequences are rolled in, we hit a ‘peak indifference’ whether it is Cambridge Analytica or Hurricane Maria. People who really care, would never go up now onwards, because the forecast has already proved to be right. He and other experts have spent decades on convincing people that there is some problem, but now there is a need to convince that something can be done regarding it.

He also added that now they need to convince people that Facebook and its team knew that they are melting the world, but they did it, because they knew they would make much money from it, instead of wasting time on convincing people that Facebook is bad for their health.

Aral Balkan (A digital activist)

He has always warned about the dangers of surveillance capitalism and data collection by the likes of Facebook, Google and the entire adtech industry. While you are reading this article, you are being tracked by those same companies because of cookies. This is how Google, Facebook and other publishers makes money. People can support initiatives working on ethical alternatives for getting a future where you can live without being constantly tracked.

Andrew Keen – Author of The Internet Is Not the Answer

In 2007, he predicted that Facebook would not grow into a significant business. But, now he feels he was wrong. He never thought about this.

Esther Dyson (Executive founder of Way to Wellville)

According to her, it is an individuals’ responsibility to understand what is going on. Facebook’s products are sold to advertisers and it is clearly mentioned by the company. Also, Facebook was really careless in terms of monitoring third parties’ behavior. Each individual using Facebook knew that huge collection of data could result into something huge and have a great impact. And now, things have changed for both users and Facebook. Facebook never exposes to how their customers’ attention is created. It is a world of resellers and packagers and Facebook had a contract with them. But, being careless in monitoring could be dangerous and currently it has proved to be.

Peter Sunde (Founder of Pirate Bay, Flattr, Njalla)

Peter Sunde has always been right in his predictions. Looking at the past and the current situation, it is very easy for him to predict the near future. He did tell everyone about Facebook a lot of times and is surprised how careless people are about this. He even hoped for a crash, something like Cambridge Analytica scandal, since people seemed to be very careless. People are lucky since their data was not used except getting Trump elected.

Richard Stallman (President of Free Software Foundation)

He always said that the only database of personal data that can’t be misused is the one that is not collected.

You can join him in rejecting and resisting systems that collect personal data.

Cindy Cohn (Executive Director of Electronic Frontier Foundation)

According to her, Facebook is not just Facebook, rather it is an entire system of ad-based models. She called it to be ‘the surveillance business model’.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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