06 Jobs that will be gone in next 10 years because of Robo-Tech

In this stage of humankind where we are regularly getting updated with the newest technologies. Do you think that the jobs which you compete for today will exist in the near future? By near we mean as near as 10 years.

With the fast development of technology, employment is decreasing day by day. And in 10 years there will be hardly any work left for humans to do as machines and AI will replace them. For instance, if we take the example of banks, earlier cashiers used to work hard the whole day. But now with the ATM machines all over hardly anyone goes and lines up in the queue of the bank.

So with the increase in population, employment is decreasing globally. Here let us talk about the jobs that will just become history after 10 years.



Just a few years ago just to write a small book we needed to hire a typist. Certain people had their life going with a typing job. Well, now you might think what harm could the job of a typist have? It’s simple with the development in AI and introduction of Siri and Google now we can simply dictate a text. And in the next ten years none of our typing jobs will exist as the technology will be more developed and voice recognition will even better and accurate.



Nowadays it’s almost an obvious thing to see posts about how TESLA is trying to introduce driverless cars. with the efforts, all the car companies are doing and with the development of AI. it is only a matter of time to see the whole world using driverless cars. Although that would be a great achievement it would be a nightmare for the people who do a living by driving.



So many books, so little time.” as it is said. Today people hardly have much time to totally read and complete a book. So, therefore, they prefer to read summaries of the book which give almost the same output.

with the introduction of Kindle and other such things people now prefer to listen to podcasts and read digitally rather than sitting in a library.



A few years back when your mobile phone company used to call, you would listen to a real person talking to you. But now robocallers have replaced the real persons. You would often get a robotic voice telling you to click certain numbers. Thus these robot callers have almost replaced those human telemarketers and within 10 years they will easily replace all the telemarketers over the world as they are more productive.

Travel agents


You must have been familiar with the phrase “kya aapne Kabhi hotel search Kiya hai?”. If you don’t know it is a famous advertisement for trivago. Today with the development of online sites like make my trip, trivago and Oyo rooms you need not go to those traveling agent and pay a hefty sum of money to reach to some part of the world. These sites even provide a handsome amount of discount.



Most of our financial tasks are now done by just sitting at our homes and using mobile apps. Now you must think that cashiers in supermarkets and malls could never be replaced. But it has already been replaced with self-checkout kiosks. Amazon is looking to take this further and is experimenting with stores that don’t have checkout lines at all.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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