6 Advanced Technologies We Could Expect By 2100

Do you have any idea last time when someone predicted the future exactly? It is very hard to say that what will be going to happen in the next 100 years and how much growth does the technology will get.

But some of the inventions are seemed very difficult and far-fetched, but nothing is impossible. There are some reasons to assume these technologies by 2100.

So, here are 6 Advanced Technology which are going to invent by 2100:

6. Weather Control

Till now we are not able to control nature according to our need. Everything is already fixed by a god about nature. But, according to current technology, we can seed a cloud for accelerate precipitation, in order to get rainfall. In future, scientists are going to build technology with the help of it they can divert or even prevent the hurricanes and tornadoes.


If we go more advanced then we are going to build a weather programming machine through which we can control the weather according to us. For example, we can build a balloon and mirrors which will reflect the sunlight and control it.

5. Nuclear fusion


When two nuclei fuse to make a denser nucleus then the Nuclear Fusion occurs. This releases a huge amount of energy. The search for the renewable of energy continued and there are high possibilities that one day it will become the source of clean energy.

But, there are many things that we have to keep in mind about cost, safety, and reliability.

4. Utility Fog


This utility fog can take the shape of an object and also has the ability to change its shape instantly. Is it sounds unbelievable? They already designed by nanotech pioneer J. Storrs Hall.


These “foglets” are very interconnected, each foglets are connected with a tiny computer. These are connected with each other and linked together by circuits. The fog has the ability to transport object or person these fogs are highly programmable.

3. Space-Based Solar System


So, this idea came around 60s and this idea will become very popular in the future. The scientists have tried to transmit the Sun energy directly with the help of satellite. They tried many schemes, now Japanese firm has decided to run an orbit which is places above the earth equator and the energy will be transformed through laser beams.

If this kind of energy come on earth then the human dependence on fossil fuels will be end soon and we can create a sustainable amount of energy in the atmosphere.

2. Artificial Life Forms


Creating Artifical life in laboratories this seems to the future of genetic engineering. This idea is of creating Artificial life with the help of computers and synthetic objects.


The DNA and cells will be made with the help of technology even the pets, animals and humans will be designed with this technology.

1. Mind Uploading


This is the best technology if it will come in future. At the end of this century, 98% of human beings will life digitally, without being limited to biological restraints.


This process is called Mind Uploading. These each replication contains thoughts and memories.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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