iphone Hacks: 15 Secret Tips and Tricks You Should Know About iPhone

Whether you own an iPhone or not, you have to admit the fact that it is completely different from other smartphones. It has set a different level of standard in the smartphone industry. So, if you own an iPhone, there are lot of things you can do with it. Many of its features are quite unnoticed or unheard. Let’s have a look at such things:

Undo feature

This feature is really unnoticed. You are likely to make a mistake while typing a mail, or messaging someone, or even editing a picture. Just shake your phone and you will find the undo option on your display.

Double tap to end

While typing anything, double tapping your spacebar will automatically put a period and start a new sentence. This saves you a little bit of time.

Using volume key for clicks

You can easily take selfies with your volume keys for as long as you want. When you are taking a selfie, touching the capture button becomes quite a tough task. So, volume key is an easy alternative for taking selfies.

Teach Siri

If you frequently use Siri, this one is for you. Many times, Siri may pronounce certain words wrong. But, you can easily teach Siri by saying “That’s not how you pronounce …”. This will make Siri learn the actual pronunciation of the word you say.

Multi-burst option

For taking the perfect picture, iPhone provides you the multi-burst option. Just hold down the camera button and capture multiple pictures at the same time. Then choose the perfect picture out of it.

Manage the scrub rate

You can easily adjust the scrub rate by running your thumb down on the screen.


You can easily view the time when you received a particular message. Just swipe the message to the left and you will see the timestamp of it.

Compass app

Swiping your compass app to the left can help you to use your iPhone as a level.

Fast charging

If you want to charge your phone quickly, then just turn the airplane mode on. This will charge your phone very quickly. But, you won’t receive any calls or SMS.

LED flash as alerts

You can use lighting up your phone while receiving any calls instead of vibrating or ringing. Go to settings > general > accessibility > LED flash for alerts. Turn it on and your phone will emit LED lights for incoming calls.

Set Timer

You can set timer in a way which will play music at a given time. In the same way, you can also set the end time to stop playing music. So, you can use this feature for falling asleep without worrying about turning the music off.

Use longer passcodes

iPhone allows you to use letters and numbers as well as more than four digits for setting passcode. Go to settings > general > passcode. Simply turn off the simple passcode.

Search for flights

You can ask Siri “what flights are overhead” to easily search for flights around you.

Make your phone read the text

Go to settings > general > accessibility. Turn the Speak Selection feature on. So now, when you select a specific text, you will find the speak option.

Customised vibrations

iPhone allows you to create custom vibrations for individuals. Go to settings > sounds > ringtone > vibration. Select create vibration option for a contact and now you can create your own vibrations for that specific contact.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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