128TB SD Card is soon going to be a reality!

Many of us would have been using SD cards in our mobile phones a few years back. But, the companies have stopped allowing the use of external memory cards in the latest smartphones. Because of this, the SD Cards went out of fashion but it seems like they were never really out of their way. The SD Association is an NPO which consists of around 900 companies. They set the standards for these SD cards making changes to it. One of the main reason the memory card being neglected was their slow transfer speed. However, the organization has announced a new version of SD cards called the SD Express which will provide a staggering 985 MB/s transfer rate. The new SD Express is being featured at the MWC Asia by the SD Association.

Increase in speed means it can store and retrieve a large amount of memory together in split seconds. The storage size of SD cards has been increased from 2 TB at present to a gigantic 128 TB. The new transfer rate and memory size will surely make a huge impact in the portable memory field. For the users who complain about their smartphones being full even at 128 GB or 256 GB, these memory cards will surely make them a lot happier than before.

How It Is Made Possible?

Previously, the highest speed offered was around 625 MB/s. With the new speed, it means that the association has made a 58% increase on its speed. The new SD Express cards are being made possible by the integration of PCI and NVMe interfaces. These are known for their low latency and high bandwidth which will support the speed and storage of these cards. The SD Express will be integrated into the SDUC, SDXC, and the SDHC memory cards.

Hiroyuki Sakamoto, President of SD Association said that “We have introduced the new SD Express memory cards. The new card will offer faster transmission rate and high level of protection to the users’ data”.


Mats Larsson, Market Analyst of Futuresource said that “The SD Express are very powerful. Since they have PCI and NVMe interfaces, it allows for a faster data transfer rate and hence a large memory storage. The association has a stable environment for all these innovations and they have done it for a longer time. NVMe is one of the most famous technology in mobiles which is used by Apple in their iPhones for speed transfer rate. Samsung is also hinting towards using the UFS 3.0 in the Samsung Galaxy S10 which will support transfer speed of up to 2900 MB/s “.

The new SD Express card will mean that the users will be able to store 25,000 HD Movies inside their phones. Many smartphones have introduced 4K recording and slo-mo recording but they occupy a lot of space. The 128 TB Storage will mean that user will never have to worry again with the storage issue. But as it goes, fascinating things are never cheaper. A 512 GB SD card costs normally around $300 so we can expect a skyrocketing price for the Express cards.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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