10 Useful iMessage Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Customise your text messaging experience with these amazing features available on your iPhone. These 10 Tricks will help you to master your iMessage:

Customised shortcuts

In case you want to use small abbreviations for full phrases like keyboard shortcuts, they are available on iOS. For example, ” bi2m” can work for “back in 2 minutes”. For this, go to General section in the Settings app, choose Keyboard, and then Shortcuts where you can actually customize quick fire messages and create your own customized list.

Customise vibrations

You can have special vibration alert on your iPhone! Go to the Contacts app and choose the contact for which you want to create custom vibration. Choose Edit > Vibration. Now, you can select your own series or buzzes by tapping on Create New Vibration and name it.

Reply from the lock screen

iPhone allows you to reply from the lock screen by swiping the alert from right to left. If you want to avoid the message, you can swipe from left to right. So, you can quickly reply to messages without unlocking your iPhone.

Snooze conversations individually

If you want to ignore notifications from a particular thread, you can simply mute it. For example, you want to ignore messages from someone or a group, just tap on the conversation > Details > Do Not Disturb. This will help you to mute notifications individually for a while.

Switch to iPad

iMessage allows you to text from your iPad instead of your Mac. Sign in your iPad with the same Apple Id, and you’ll have a prompt asking if you want to switch on the features. Confirm the verification code on your iPhone and disable the Messages feature on it from the Settings.

Store your audio and video messages

iMessage allows you to add audio and video clips to the threads. But, by default, iOS deletes these audio and video files after some time to keep some space on your device. To store your clips, you can go to Messages in the Settings app and change the Expire option to Never.

Separate out unknown contacts

You can separate people in your contacts lists from the ones who have your iMessage email id. Go to Messages in the Settings app and activate Filter Unknown Senders. You will see Unknown senders in a separate column in your iMessage.

Share live location

iOS 8 allows you to share location through iMessage. Get in the Details inside the thread and then select Share My Location to share a specific location to the friend on the other end of the conversation. You can also send your current location using this feature.

“now typing” on Mac OS X

Now, you can add the functionality of “now typing” on your Mac OS X too. For this, you need to install some utilities. You can Google about “How to add now typing feature on Mac OS X” and extend this functionality on your Mac OS X.

Two-factor authentication

If you are already not using iMessage and Facetime, you can switch the two-step verification on. For this, you can visit My Apple ID portal on the web, go to the Password and Security page and choose Two Step Verification. Tap on Get Started to activate this feature. So, when you add a new device on iMessage, you will have to enter authorization code along with your password.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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