10 Awesome Google Maps Features That You Shouldn’t Miss

Remember how life was before we had Google maps? You are right, Difficult! You can get around wherever you want without even knowing the place. It has become that simple. Google Maps Features can make your life easier than it already is.

Every smartphone user would have tried using Google maps at least once. But there are some Google Maps Features you might have missed. Here it is.

1. Augmented reality Live View

Augmented reality Live View

There was a time when Google maps worked only with a GPS and a display. But times are changing. Google has managed to incorporate various tools to make navigation more accurate.

One such tool is your mobile phone’s Camera lens. Google Maps can now show you where you are using your camera.

It simulates an Augmented reality type of live view session. This makes the process of Navigation both fun and accurate.

2. Planning the journey ahead

Planning the journey ahead

When you select your arrival and departure points, Google Maps will calculate the total time you will take to complete your journey. Now, what if you want to plan your trip the night before?

The new Google Maps features have a special inclusion. You can plan your trip way ahead and it will give you a moderately accurate result.

3. Real-time transit update

Real-time transit update

Google Maps has a feature where you can track the journey of a train or bus you want to board. You do not have to blindly guess when the next bus or train would arrive at the station.

Think this is difficult? Guess what, you can just ask your Google Assistant about it. You do not have to type in the details manually.

4. Sharing the progress of your Journey

Sharing the progress of your Journey

How many times have you tried to explain to your mum that you will be back home in a few minutes? How many times have you failed at making her believe it?

Google Maps now have a feature where you can share the progress of your trip or journey with the people you want. It is going to be reassuring for your loved ones to know that you made it your home safely.

5. Adding Pit-stops in between the Journey

Adding Pit-stops in between the Journey

We all have been there. We all have planned on a trip and assumed a duration that the journey would take.

This is because you would have stopped somewhere to refuel your car. Or to grab a quick bite in the nearest hotel.

Google Maps features include an option where you can add these stops beforehand. So you can know how long it would actually take.

6. Google Maps can work Offline now!

Google Maps can work Offline now!

Remember when you used to download songs for the trip because you might not be having internet? This is similar to it.

When you plan a trip to a new country where your SIM card would not work, you can download the maps just like you download songs.

7. Know the places that you have been in

Know the places that you have been in

Let us assume that you go on a wonderful trip. You had the tastiest food from a small restaurant. What are the odds that you will remember the place after a month?

Do not worry. Google Maps has got your back. As long as the GPS in your phone is working and you have your Google Maps installed, you can have a track on the places that you visit. You do not have to remember or keep them written somewhere.

8. Save your favourite places

Save your favourite places

If you visit a place and plan on suggesting it to someone, you do not have to message them anymore with plain texts. Google Maps allow you to save your favourite destinations.

You have two options now. You can either keep all your saved places to yourself and a set of contacts or share it with other Google users.

9. Get indoor directions

Get indoor directions

If you get yourself into a huge university and you do not know where to go, you can now use Google Maps for it.

Instead of just displaying the places, Google Maps can direct you inside them and show you places. How cool is it?

10. Online Bookings and reservations

Online Bookings and reservations

When you go on a sudden trip and plan on resting somewhere. You can book hotels and restaurants on the go. You can do this without having to install any third-party software.

This feature is not just limited to hotels. You can book any place which has the option to be booked. Once you book, you can add it as a reminder to the Google Calendar.

To conclude

It is surprising to see the progress which Google has made over the years. If you haven’t tried these Google Maps features then you are missing out big time! Do yourself a favour and use these features to make your life even easier.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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