What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

Let’s accept the fact that we all cannot be Rancho. We do need career advice and foreseeing for the same. Are you done with your engineering graduation and are sitting with it planning to pen down your love story? If so, then my dear, you need to get up and face the harsh reality. The reality of the world asks you to get settled in the life.if you are standing mug headed thinking what to go for, then this article will help you in exploring the choices after engineering:


After you get your engineering degree in your hand, you might think about what to do next? But You are smart if you get the answer before. Your fat books will only give you the theories and formulas. All those theories and formulas will not be effective until you apply them in practical life. Getting a job means polishing all the learned skills. Job not only makes you financially independent, but it teaches you to handle life in a completely different way.

For an engineering student, there are two ways to get the perfect dream job.

On-campus Placement

What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers
What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

The University or Institute you are currently studying must be offering on-campus placements. Make sure that you register yourself for the on-campus placements. Several companies visit the universities to get the skillful people in their team. You can be part of the team but do not miss the preparation classes as they will make you fit for the interview.

Off-campus placements

If you are unable to get on-campus placement, then you need not lose hope. The increment of startups and foreign direct investment companies have boomed the It sector. Its sector regularly hunts for fresh talents. You can get a job for yourself by applying to such vacancies. But to get off-campus placements, you have to be very active while searching for them.

You can find the jobs on

  • LinkedIn
  • Monster.jobs
  • Shine jobs
  • esherslive.com
  • Indeed.co.in
  • FreeJobAlert.com
  • Indeed.com
  • TheIndiaJobs.com


What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers
What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

The other option that is available for you after engineering is an MBA. MBA is the gateway to a high earning job. But to get that job, you need to get into the right college. You should aim to get admission in Indian institute of management and such other top colleges across the country to pursue your master’s degree.

You have to prepare and qualify CAT, which is a national level competitive entrance exam, to fix your MBA seat in top colleges of India.


What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers
What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

Once you get your bachelor’s degree, you can go for a master’s in the same field that is M.tech. Masters of technology strengthens you from a career point of view. You have to qualify Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) to get admission in the reputed colleges. There are many private colleges as well, which give you admissions in M.tech based on their admission exam merit.

Some colleges in which you can apply for M.tech are Lovely Professional University, KIIT, SRM, VIT, etc.


If you are gifted with a business mind, then nothing can get better than starting your own business. Entrepreneurship has a lot of scope in present India. You need to think of a startup plan, and here you are into the business world. Though it has risks as you know, life is all about taking risks.

Government jobs

What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers
What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

The open option for every Indian is government jobs. Though these exams are highly competitive and ask for hard work, you can give it a try. Throughout the year, a lot of government vacancies are announced by the government. You can check for the available vacancies on the Internet and fill the form to sit in the exam.

Some of the most prominent government jobs for which you can apply are

  • Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
  • Banking exams
  • RBI Grade B Exam
  • Staff Selection Commission Exam (SSC)

Get off track

It might seem crazy, but sometimes it turns out to be most productive. After graduation, if you find out that engineering is not your passion, then it is the right time to step out. There are many other skills and creative job profiles that look for passionate people. Some of the creative certifications you can go for are

  • Animation
  • Journalism
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business analytics
  • Communication specialist


This was a little help for you if you are confused regarding the career choice after engineering. One thing you need to keep in mind always that life never ends, and every end is a new beginning. Make the end of your graduation at the beginning of a new world.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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