Train Your Brain With These Steps To Release Happy Chemicals

I bet every one of us wishes to stay happy and calm at all moments, but our brain just doesn’t let us. Imagine, a bright and beautiful day, you wish to stay calm but some of the other toxins is troubling you. Happy chemicals are the panacea that you are looking for.

Professor Loretta Breuning, founder of Inner Mammal Institute said, “The quest for good feelings is nature’s survival engine.”

She further continued saying “For example, animals seek food to relieve the bad feeling of hunger. They seek warmth to relieve the bad feeling of cold. And happy chemicals start flowing before a mammal even eats or warms up because the brain turns them on as soon as it sees a way to meet a need.”

Happy chemicals are the panacea that you are looking for.

Apparently humans also face the same things as animals, none different. Happy chemicals rush through our veins when we see the fulfilment of our basic needs such as safety, food and friendly support.

But whenever we think of anything like that, the cortex releases our past relationships in our minds.

Breuning explained, “The feeling we call ‘happiness’ comes from four special brain chemicals: dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin,” explained Loretta.

“These ‘happy chemicals’ turn on when your brain sees something good for your survival. Then they turn off, so they’re ready to activate again when something good crosses your path.”

The four chemicals

Our body has four happy chemicals, and each of them does work in different ways. The chemicals are Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin and Endorphins.

The four chemicals
  • Oxytocin

It tends to produce a feeling of being safe with people around you and helps you build connections and feeling of trust among everyone.

When it moves through, it creates a sense of trust and belongingness with people. But the problem is when it isn’t present, it creates a feeling of loneliness and isolation.

  • Dopamine

It urges a feeling of excitement and energized mind when you meet your needs. It arrives when you meet a new need, for example, a new job.

But when something old and existing arrives again, the chemical doesn’t release itself. Based on your Dopamine existence you should decide what gives you these feelings the most.

  • Serotonin

Just as Oxytocin gives a feeling of safety, Serotonin gives it’s get together. It releases a feeling of respect and pride.

As we think of cooperating and syncing with each other, a feeling of staying one level up from them stays in our minds. Such sense and emotion are created by Serotonin.

  • Endorphins

They produce a feeling of covering up the emotional pains of our lives. It only does the same for a short time, but it is enough to get you out from the injury.

Endorphins help us in dealing with painful relationships and hard workouts.

These chemicals do fluctuate

These chemicals do fluctuate

Loretta said, “The reality is that everyone’s happy chemicals droop, which is why everyone looks for ways to stimulate more.”

She further explained, “The challenge is that instant good feelings are not possible at every moment, and often come with unintended side effects.”

“However by building happy brain habits, you can find healthy ways to crank up these chemicals in ways that serve you, and others, well.”

Some suggestions from Loretta

  • Try accepting

Your status makes you feel insecure at all times and it’s okay. Accept the fact that your emotions rush and you’re a human, it’s obvious you’ll feel these.

Understand that even if you feel low don’t try to get a step up by putting others down.

If you feel your social status is hampering, remember that someone somewhere doesn’t care about it but your quotient matters.

Keep reminding yourself that you have a lot of strength and no one can bring you and your inner abilities down, you can build up by accepting.

  • Bring your endorphins down

Give your endorphins a break by vowing to get up from you’re sitting in every five minutes. Be it you’re in college, office or anywhere, just get up and walk for a few minutes to cool your mind by relaxing.

Try music while you take that break, it will help you calm down in wonderful ways. Reading or blogs will also help you calm yourself.

  • Use dopamine as a goal-setter

Use your dopamine levels for grabbing an opportunity you’ve wanted for so long. Try exciting yourself to get a promotion you’ve wanted, some good grades in exams, becoming a star where you belong at, or anything you need in your life.

Try designing smaller goals at a time and achieving everything one by one. This way you will always have dopamine-releasing and zest will exist in your life.

  • Build trust with oxytocin

As soon as we start trusting someone oxytocin releases itself, but some days we just have a hard time. Our past betrayals rush in our mind and certainly, we’re unable to build anything new. You feel isolated and suddenly you don’t want much.

Try building a conversation with someone every day, with this your oxytocin will release slowly and you’ll be able to build trust. Although people and their basic nature won’t change in a day, you can still try to overcome with oxytocin.


What else is possible for making your body release happy chemicals? Stay positive, that’s it! It’ll bring you everything in your life and unleash all negativity away.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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