Top 07 websites to find internships in USA from India.

Today’s globalized economy has a huge demand for global graduates from all over the world. In this situation interning abroad has got a lot of benefits for the students. Work experience in an international setting improves the resume and gives students a huge boost in the job market. Doing an internship abroad is also a great way to improve connections all over the globe, see different cultures, and also can be the start of working abroad permanently.

Finding an internship abroad is not a difficult job until you have the right websites to look for and a good resume.

Here are a few websites that provide internships from all over the world-

7. Indeed

Indeed isn’t just a good website to find jobs but also a great website for finding internships.

Indeed has the greatest amount of search results. A few of the most recent intern program opportunities included a Michael Kors corporate internship program for undergraduate and graduate students, a taxonomy and ontology development internship at HBO and even a digital comics intern at Marvel Entertainment.

It is a great website to find internships and jobs both in India and abroad.

6. is a New York-based nonprofit organization that allows motivated students to join jobs internships, actions, graduate programs, and groups worldwide.

Some of their 500+ internship programs include placements at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),, and United 4 Social Change.

Since it’s a nonprofit organization it is mainly focused on bringing a change with the help of youth.

5. provides tools and services for students to develop the real-world skills they will need after graduation and for employers to find the best candidates.

Their website makes it very easy to find the type of internships one is looking for because of its huge variety.  You can search by internship category, such as high school internships, summer internships, or aerospace engineering internships. Or, you can search by location, such as New York City internships or intern programs in Boston.


InternAbroad is a branch of the huge, also one of the best places to search for internships abroad.

It has internship programs that not only let students live and work in Paris, Antarctica, or Bali but also get some brilliant international work experience that can contribute to their resumes.

However many of these internships abroad require you to pay your accommodations like for housing, food, etc.


The Student Conservation Association isn’t a total internship search portal, but they do offer some great internships and youth programs for teenagers and young adults.

The SCA is motivated to save the next generation of young leaders willing and able to take on challenges. They offer some of the best internships for high school students and early college entrants ranging from 15 to 19 years.

SCA programs available include SCA Community Crews, Regional Crews, National Crews, and gap year programs. SCA intern programs include the environmental educator internship, climate change internship, aquatic and physical science internship, maintenance technician internship, and natural resource management internship, among many others.


In every professional journey, LinkedIn plays an important part. It lets the students build an industry-standard professional profile and also allows students to search for internships and jobs right from their website or app.

Simply type in an internship along with any specific keywords regarding your wanted interest and you will be able to see a list of them.

Using LinkedIn is super efficient, as many of the internship programs students find there will have an “Easy Apply” button, letting them send an application to the companies in just a few clicks using the information they already have on their LinkedIn profile.

1. Google Jobs

Google has its website for students and youth to find appropriate jobs and internships.

Depending on where the student wants to apply for the internship they can simply type “internships in New York” or “internships in Chicago” into the Google search bar.

Then, in the search results, in the search result, it will give you their top three internship opportunities in that city.

If those three results don’t satisfy the needs, click on the link below them to see the Google Jobs board in all its full-screen.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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