The Best Graphs You Should Be Using To Track CoronaVirus

The governments are putting out requests to their citizens to come up with a new way to track the Coronavirus.

The COVID Outbreak has reached every corner of the world. The entire globe is under lockdown.

There is one task which is even more difficult than curing the disease. It is its diagnosis and identification.

It is impossible for us to diagnose each and every member of the population. The disease continues to spread a lot faster, and we’re struggling to contain it.

Another difficult process is to keep track of the outbreak. The number of cases around the world is rising day by day.

Without the help of AI, it would become extremely difficult to record the prognosis. The AI is not just making it easy. But several creative illustrations are coming out every day.

The Major Flaw

The illustrations and graphs have a major flaw

The illustrations and graphs have a major flaw. Several tracking methods are under development to solve this issue.

But there is one major factor which we must consider. A person who has the virus might take weeks to show any signs or symptoms.

Over this period he/she might have affected an enormous amount of people. When a person finds himself having symptoms, it again takes a few days for him to get tested.

This huge lag between the time of diagnosis and the time of treatment makes it very difficult to track coronavirus.



This is a tracking mechanism developed by a professor from the University of Illinois. It is a chart which plots the details from various trusted sources.

Flattening the curve is one of the most popular phrases in this outbreak. But what does it mean? If we can somehow reduce the number of patients getting exposed to the virus, we can control the outbreak.

The current patients can undergo treatment without further spreading the virus. By this way, the total number of patients with the virus would gradually start reducing.


Worldometer, as the name suggests, does not just focus on one country

Worldometer, as the name suggests, does not just focus on one country. It helps to keep a track on the number of corona patients in various countries around the world.

It collects its data from various trusted sources. The number of patients recovered, admitted and deceased are some of the data which it collects.

It then projects these data on to a map. This is one of the effective methods to track coronavirus.

IHME COVID-19 Projections

IHME COVID-19 Projections

IHME focuses on various factors. It compares the progress of the disease over different time periods.

The chart compares the current data with the data collected months ago. It also tracks how hospitals handle the situation.

It calculates the number of new patients and compares it to the number of beds which the hospitals have.

Various coloured bands represent the collected data in the chart. There are accusations that this chart is a bit more optimistic. The projects were later found to be incorrect.

To Conclude

Projections and graphs are an effective way to track coronavirus. But it also serves another important purpose.

These graphs make it easy to understand complex data. It makes it easy for citizens to know what is happening.

They can realise how serious this issue really is. Researchers are working hard to improve the accuracy of these graphs.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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