The 5 Best Resume Writing Tips On The Planet

If you’re currently looking for a job, these are hands-down the best resume writing tips you’re going to find. Any tech person would be familiar with the term “FANG”.

Assuming that you’re completely new to this, let’s get into the details. FANG expands to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google which are some of the companies that pay you big bucks.

Your normal resume strategies won’t work with them and you need to go a notch higher to grab their attention.

You should put a great deal of effort into each and every little part of your resume in order to make it stand out from the competition. Let’s see how.

Keep It Short, But Make It Interesting

Keep It Short, But Make It Interesting

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or a person with years of industry experience, the rules are pretty much the same.

No matter how long your resume is, the recruiter is only going to pay attention to the first page which is also exactly why you should keep the number of pages to one.

Include only what matters the most and discard the rest. Making your resume easy to read and leaving enough white spaces wherever needed is an art by itself.

Go through sample resumes from the internet to know how your competition is performing and what you can adopt.

You Are A Professional, Remember That!

While talking about the best resume writing tips, one cannot forget about the overall formatting of the document. Job search is not a child’s play and there’s no way you can get a job by fooling around.

Double-check that whether you’re using a professional font such as Helvetica and Times New Roman. Keep a tab on your font size as it has a huge impact on your document’s length.

Experiment with the bold and italic styles and use them if you find a point that deserves to get highlighted.

Try To Portray The Best In You

Try and include a lot of power words and keywords into your resume which is just one google search away. But make no mistake, never include them for the sake of it but only when you have something that you can leverage.

Instead of typing out huge paragraphs that no one cares about, use bulletins to attract the attention of the recruiter.

If you’re planning on describing your project, then do so within 2 or 3 lines. Make sure you highlight all your achievements and make them easily visible to the eyes of the reader.

Triple Check Your Resume

Triple Check Your Resume

All these best resume writing tips would go straight to garbage if you fail to check your document before sending it. Most people worry about the complex details but lose their reputation over grammar mistakes.

Do not feel shy to use third-party applications and software to correct your grammar. Your goal is to impress the recruiter, not yourself.

After the triple checking process, make sure that you ALWAYS save your resume as a pdf file to retain the alignment.

The Million-dollar Question

Let’s just say you have a brilliant resume on hand but how do you plan on using it? Resumes won’t mean anything if they’re not capable of getting you a job.

Memorize these words and repeat after me, “Referrals and Networking”. We live in the social media era where almost everyone has an account which also includes your recruiter.

LinkedIn is another magical yet powerful resource for job hunters. Also, keep a watch on job portals to never miss an opportunity.


The perfect resume is not a prize but a process. This means that you cannot sit overnight and come up with the best version. As promised, you now have the 5 best resume writing tips on hand.

How you’re going to use it is completely up to you and is totally subjective. Job search is an exhaustive process where you might not see results for a long time. The key is to keep pushing and never lose the spirit.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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