Microsoft Career Experts Give 05 Tips to get a job in Microsoft

Microsoft is well known for giving wonderful careers and new technologies. Over the years, Microsoft has transformed and now they are a big player in the market. 

The good thing is: Microsoft is helping you to get a job. Yes, you heard it right. 

There are plenty of things to learn from Microsoft’s recruiters. They give you valuable suggestions to improve your resume to get a good job. 6 seconds – that’s the time taken by recruiters to decide whether to hire you or not. 

You have to think out of the box and capture recruiters’ attention to get a job. To prepare a resume that stands out, you need to have these 5 things in resume – recommended by Microsoft recruiters.

1. Clean and Clear Formatting 

Every detail counts. Recruiters analyze your resume completely if it grabs their attention. So font style, font size, spacing, design, and layout are the most important things that you focus on.


If you have a perfectly formatted resume, the recruiter believes that you are worth hiring. That’s because a resume reflects the hard work you did.

2. A flash of who you are.

95% of resume available online have Career objective statements. So what makes your resume special that grabs the recruiter’s attention?

An introductory paragraph about you does the job. Walker suggests writing a catchy introduction that persuades recruiters to know more about you. When they know about you, they connect to you easily. 

3. No Elaborate Skills Section


In a recent interview, Microsoft recruiter Chris Bell said that he is tired of seeing lengthy skills section in most of the resume. It is better to avoid listing all skills in your resume.

Instead, you can do this. Think like a recruiter and know what he/she needs. A recruiter hires a person only when he is convinced that the person has relevant skills to that particular job.

4. Show impact

Always speak about results. The impact you made on the previous company matters a lot. Let’s say you are a salesperson selling homes. How many homes did you sell? Did your role matter? Are you consistent with your output?

If you mention the answers to these questions in your resume, there are high chances that you get a good job offer. Make changes to resume so that it looks suitable for the job you are applying for. 

5. Simplicity


Focus on what matters- that’s the key to crack the code”- Walker said. Keep your resume very simple. Don’t complicate the resume by using GRE vocabulary. Recruiter is not looking at your resume for learning new words. 

Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Point). What makes you unique? Find the answer to this question. The answer will surely be a skill. Optimize that skill and use it as a tool to sell yourself. 

“Allow content to pop”, this is what expert recruiters in Microsoft said. Use bulletin points for better readability. 


An interview is like an exam. You have to be the best on that given day. A resume is like a hall ticket. That’s the starting point. Your resume should be good enough to secure a hall ticket. 

A simple resume with relevant skills to a particular job is all a recruiter needs to hire you. If you are not able to craft a good resume, make use of the internet to get templates. Choose the best template and make your own resume. 

Try and test. This is the key. If your resume is rejected, find why it failed. Make the necessary changes and try again. Repeat this process until you succeed. 


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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