Learn Multiple Coding Languages As A Developer: This Is Why!

People generally don’t study multiple coding languages at once which is completely fine. But, they tend to stick with a particular language and spend their entire life trying to master it.

We never realize how much we can accomplish if we knew a lot more than one single coding language. You will end up giving biased reviews.

Because what works on your niche might not work on other languages. Companies around the world are starting to set their expectations so high.

You might ultimately end up jobless because no one wants to recruit someone who sticks to a particular language.

Let us discuss in detail about the advantages you will have by knowing multiple coding languages.

The Standard IT Culture

The Standard IT Culture

While developing a webpage or a native app, most companies prefer following the same language and frameworks right from the start.

They also hire employees and interns who have expertise in those particular tools. It makes it easy for them to lay out a work plan and to track the progress.

Since all of these get planned during the very beginning, we can avoid confusion that may develop in the future.

This narrow mindset is the reason why a lot of companies use the same toolset and started lacking innovation.

Polyglot Programming

The polyglot culture is poles apart from everything which our IT teams have been doing for decades.

In short, it is the practice of writing the same piece of code in various other languages to know what works the best. In this process, you make use of the increased efficiency that other languages have to offer.

Developers are now ready to sacrifice consistency in order to arrive at better results.

The goal is to find the right tool that can get the job done instead of building your plans around a particular tool. Ruby-on-rails is a great tool when it comes to building standard web-apps.

But you won’t be getting GoLang’s efficiency. If your web-app has a simple layout, you might as well use JavaScript. The Polyglot culture is nothing but the luxury of having this flexibility.

Staying Relevant

Staying Relevant

There has never been a better time to study multiple coding languages at once. Companies kept the polyglot culture only as an option for several years.

But now, they have started believing the potential it has. CodingDojo gave us a report that says none of the companies that belong to the fortune 25 is running on one single coding language.

A lot of big names in the tech industry have become open about their polyglot policy. If you are hoping to work for them someday, you better start learning multiple coding languages right away.


As a developer, you must always look out for the changes that happen in your industry. The first person to change is often the first person to reach the top.

If you have experience in just one language, you are looking at a dead-end. Instead, if you can master the basics of coding, you can basically learn any language within a matter of weeks.

If you are thinking that learning multiple languages is going to weaken your knowledge, you are wrong. Apart from this, you should start looking out for companies who support the polyglot culture.

It might seem like you’re getting pushed and forced into doing this, but you will end up gaining more knowledge than you ever did before.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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