ISRO conducted national space Quiz event for school students. Participants can download the certificate online.

ISRO and the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), celebrate the World Space Week from 4th to 10th October 2022. As part of the celebration, an online Quiz will be conducted for school students of Class VI to XII. The online quiz “National Space Quiz” is open for students from all schools in India.

  • The competition is open during October 04, 2022 to October 10, 2022.
  • In online quiz competition, there will 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
  • Upon completion of the quiz, a certificate from ISRO and AIM will be issued to students scoring more than 40% marks capturing Name, Date of birth, City & School details provided by the student.

Terms and Rules of National Space Quiz

  • Duration of the quiz will be 10 minutes, during which all questions can be answered.
  • There is no negative marking for the incorrect answer.
  • Any individual who desires to participate in the quiz will be required to provide his/her name, email address, mobile number, school name and class.
  • All school students of Class VI to XII from schools located in India are eligible to participate.
  • One student can take the quiz only once. For avoidance of any doubt, a student will not be able to quiz the second time.
  • Different students will see different set of questions in the quiz, i.e., the questions in a quiz will vary from attempt to attempt.
  • Discovery/detection/noticing of use of any unfair/spurious means/malpractices. including but not limited to impersonation, double participation, etc. during the participation in the quiz, will result in the participation being declared null and void and hence, rejected. The organizers of the quiz competition reserve the right in this regard.
  • Employees, directly or indirectly, connected with organizing the quiz are not eligible to participate in the quiz. This ineligibility also applies to their immediate family members.

How to Apply?

Step 1– Register the child

Step 2– Access age wise activities for child development

Step 3– Learn the activities through video tutorials and manuals

Step 4– Record and upload submissions in any order

Step 5– Weekly receive ratings and personalized scorecard

Step 6– Unlock online certificates and feature on multiple leaderboards

Apply here>> Apply here


What is the National All Rounder Championship (NARC)?
National All Rounder Championship is an event aimed at the holistic development of each & every Indian child. Open for children of Indian origin in India or elsewhere. Organized in India twice every year – May-July & Dec-Jan. Open for children of Indian origin in India or elsewhere. Does not require any travel. Participate from home and/or anywhere. The event includes 20 age-appropriate activities across 5 development themes. Each development theme involves 4 activities. Activities are age-appropriate for the development milestone, i.e., activity for a 5-year-old will be different from the activity for a 14-year-old. – Cognitive skills. E.g., Speed cubing. – Socio-emotional skills. E.g., Gender bias. – Language & communication skills. E.g., Foreign languages. – Creativity & imagination skills. E.g., Rap song. – Physical skills. E.g., Martial Arts. All activities are such that it can be done using easily available material/equipment at home or can be borrowed easily from any neighbour. A total of 45-90 hours required from child anytime over a period of 90 days. The event is spread over a period of 90 days so that the child can attempt activities in a stress-free manner without worrying about school schedule & any other competitive events. The activity is same for all children in every age category. Any tough activity would be tough for all in that age group. Our activities are designed keeping in mind age development milestones & the right extra nudge to take the child forward.
Who can participate in NARC?
Children with age in complete number of years on the date of event start is considered & should be 5 years or more & 14 years or less. Child’s age in complete number of years on the date of event start is considered & should be 5 years or more & 14 years or less
Do children receive prizes, certificates, trophies & medals to acknowledge their performance?
Multiple digital certificates, digital medals & digital trophies are provided. 7 types of digital certificates: Merit, Elite, Ultra, Mega, Super, Star & Prime. Merit certificates include Top 3 in Overall All Rounder or Individual Development Themes at either National, Zonal, State or City level in any age category. Details for each of the certificate types can be understood on NARC 2022 Prizes page. Digital medals: Multiple types of participation & excellence medals for every successfully attempted activity (rating of A or above). Available in KidEx Android app. Multiple types of prizes for leaders from organizers & other sponsoring companies (if any). Prizes at individual, team & school level. Cash prizes, gifts & freebies, discount coupons, scholarships, admissions etc. offered as prizes.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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