Is the Internet bad for students, especially when it never forgets the Past?

The internet remembers everything and can have had a dark side for students. Does this make the internet bad for the students? Before the invention of the internet, people could get off with their past easily. None of their past activities and behavior would ever resurface.

Today is the internet bad for youth when it judges people based on their past identities. Their past mistake and embarrassment become their present identity. This can hold back someone from changing their attitude & behavior.

No privacy makes the internet bad for students

Is the Internet bad for Young people, especially when it never forgets the Past - Infomance 2

A recent report says, people roughly click 1 trillion pictures every year. These pictures are very accessible by people anywhere in the world. Nowadays people learn a lot of stuff online on various platforms. These organizations capture a lot of personal data. Using the data, one can judge a person’s past & present abilities

All the SMS, emails, social posts, Viewing habits on YouTube can be easily tracked. Mishandling of personal data and can harm us to a deep extent on various levels.

The captured data can be stored for 30 days but there is no regulation. Authorities can keep the data as long as they want and can share it with anyone they wish to.

The Internet is bad for students and unforgiving?

Is the Internet bad for Young people, especially when it never forgets the Past - Infomance 3

In such unforgiving world teens who do something wrong have a lot to lose. A simple example can be of a young woman who got accepted as an intern at NASA.

She out of excitement tweeted, “Everyone shut the F-Up. I got accepted for the NASA internship.” NASA took note of this and canceled her internship due to the use of vulgar language. Other students have also paid the price.

The point to note here is these posts are childish. But aren’t teens supposed to behave that way? Shouldn’t children make outrageous and crazy mistakes? Adulthood is a period to make mistakes and learn from them.

Judging on these mistakes can discourage teens to make mistakes. This would have a deep impact on their lives and on society at large. Many communities have agreed that youth should do mistakes and learn from them. One can only learn when they fail and people should forgive & forget these mistakes of the youth.

Effects of being perfect too early

People may become so risk-averse that they stop taking courageous decisions at all. They may miss out on experimentation and learning by doing mistakes. Today young kids are joining professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. When asked the reason they say it helps them in showing the world their professional side.

Recently, a kid who was about to get accepted at Harvard got rejected due to sharing some “memes”. Harvard after going through it canceled the student’s application. This makes the internet bad for youth.


These actions raise the question of society. Can a person’s past determine their future? Can one not do mistakes and learn from it as humanity has ever done?

Judgment discourages teens from taking courageous steps. It also discourages them from trying to do something new and learning from it. It might not be so exciting to live in a time where you can’t hide anything from the world and maintain your privacy.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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