Astronomical Society Of India Is Organizing CANSAT For UG Students

  • The CANSAT annual competition is open to teams from universities and colleges.
  • Teams formed must be able to design and build a space-type system, following the approved competition guide, and then compete against each at the end of two semesters to decide the winners.

To promote and save the development of Astronautics and astronomy for the advancement of scientific knowledge for the peaceful purpose among the students and the youth, the Astronomical Society Of India (ASI) is organizing the CANSAT competition for students.

This competition provides students with an end-to-end life cycle of a complex engineering project, from conceptual design, through integration and test, to the actual operation of the system, concluding with a post-mission summary and debrief which other competitions hardly provide.

Here Are The Required Details For CANSAT


  • The competition is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in Indian colleges/universities
  • Applicants shall apply for the competition in teams and the team applying for the competition shall have a minimum of 5 members and shall not exceed 8 members.
  • Only 1 team is allowed per college/university. If the college is affiliated with a university one application from each of these affiliated colleges is allowed.


  • The undergraduate Student team shall have 1 faculty coordinator/advisor who could be a graduate student enrolled in the university’s higher education courses or faculty or the alumni of the institution.
  • The Undergraduate Student team shall have up to 2 mentors who could be the graduate students enrolled in the university’s higher education courses or faculty or the alumni of the institution.
  • If there is no mentor then the faculty coordinator/advisor shall act as the mentor.
  • The team applying for the competition must provide an approval letter from the institution consisting of the details of all the team members. The scanned copy of the letter shall be attached with the registration form.

Important Dates

  • Registration– 01-07-2022  to 31-07-2022
  •  Preliminary Design Review- 01-08-2022 to 30-09-2022
  • Critical Design Review- 01-10-2022 to 31-12-2022
  •  Flight Readiness Review- 01-04-2023 to 31-05-2023
  •  Launch Date- 01-06-2023 to 30-06-2023
  • Post Flight Review- 01-07-2023 to 31-07-2023

Interested candidates can apply from the official website. Here is a direct link to apply

Apply Now>>> Apply Here

For more detailed information visit the official website or read through this link

Guidelines For CANSAT


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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