10 Simple Steps To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

If you are an ethical hacker, then your income will be $50,000 to $100,000 per year. It’s not that easy to become an ethical hacker. Governments and Businesses are ready to pay whatever you demand if you are an expert in ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Every firm wants its network, websites, and applications to be safe. To achieve that, they hire ethical hackers to prevent data theft and illegal entry. If you follow these 10 steps listed below, you can easily become a certified ethical hacker

1. Programming

learn programming to become an ethical hacker

Every IT firm has a team of programmers or developers. Their main role is to develop a website or software using their coding knowledge. Hackers use the loopholes in codes and attack the website or application.

To prevent that, ethical hackers do security research and find flaws in the programs. Ethical hackers carry out attacks on programs to ensure that programs are secure.

2. Networking

networking is the key

Adequate knowledge of networking is very much essential to become an ethical hacker. In this modern era, we share a lot of things online. We share our photos, videos, etc publicly through social media.

But we need our passwords and bank information to be secure and safe. To do that, ethical hackers find issues and flaws in network security. Ethical hackers think like hackers and prevent illegal attacks.

3. Encryption/Decryption

ethical hacker should know encryption and decryption

Cryptography is an important part of ethical hacking. You must have sufficient knowledge in cryptography to secure an information system. Cryptography has 2 parts: Decryption and Encryption.

Hackers break the security codes and enter into a system to steal data. This is decryption. Ethical hackers need to master decryption to make sure that security codes are not broken.

4. DBMS (Database Management System)

DBMS knowledge will be helpful

You should be good enough to create a database using MySQL and MSSQL. The database is a mine of data. All the data is stored here and you must know the various aspects of managing it. The minimum requirement is you must be aware of how it works.


LINUX OS is easy and simple to use

Start using Linux OS if you are about to launch your ethical hacking career. Linux is free and it is easy to look at all the codes written. When problems arise, you must be capable of solving them. You can do that only when you in and out of Linux.

6. Code in C Programming Language

Learning C Language is must for ethical hacking

Dennis Ritchie developed C language in 1972 to develop UNIX operating system. LINUX or UNIX is completely based on C language and you must know C programming. C language is the safest language to code. It is not easy to hack a system that is based on C language.

7. One Programming language is not Enough

One coding language is not enough

An ethical hacker should know more than one programming language. It helps you to keep any system safe. Different Softwares use different programming languages. So many online resources are available to learn, Java, Python, C++, etc.

8. Knowledge in One OS is not Enough

Knowing Only One OS is not enough

If you want to become an ethical hacker, you should know 3-5 Operating systems. They include JAVA, Android, Cent, MAC OS, LINUX, Windows, etc. You must exploit the loopholes in all these systems to make it hacker-proof.

9. Do a lot of Experiments

Experiments n hacking teaches you a lot

The simplest way to master hacking is by experimenting. Try to hack the systems you see. Have a computer or laptop which has powerful RAM and processor. You try your best to hack a system. If you fail, don’t lose hope. Find out why it didn’t work. Make changes and try once again.

10. Learn & Practice

Learn and Practice new hacking ideas everyday

Learn and Practice. This should be the mantra to become the best ethical hacker. If you learn something new, implement it on that day itself. You should be aware of the latest developments in the field of hacking.


If you follow these 10 steps, you will become a certified ethical hacker for sure. The important thing is practicing. You must learn new things every day and practice it in whichever way possible.

There are plenty of online resources available to learn these things. It takes time to become an expert and it’s worth investing.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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