Smart Glasses In Next Decade Will Face New Change With AR

Smart Glasses In Next Decade

In this decade, we came across one of the most flop ventures namely the Google Glass in 2012. Smart glasses in next decade will face a drastic change with improving AR technology.

In order to bring smart glasses and augmented reality together, the initiative was taken to create something by sowing the seeds and unfortunately failed.

When Sergey Brin went on the stage and announced the product’s launch, many questions arise. Everything from security, terms of service and privacy was doubted from the big tech giant.

The backlash was really quick and intense. Adapting a new tech was seeming impossible and within a while, it was a complete failure.

Smart glasses are becoming popular now

Smart glasses are becoming popular now

It turns out that smart glasses are back in business again. Coming out with much better hardware and software, it seems better than what Brin launched in the year 2012.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Snap, Magic Leap and many others are working on Smart Glasses or a headset that will change the way we look around at everything.

Instead of putting the phone on our ears and interacting through WhatsApp and stuff, we’ll be able to do stuff just by looking and speaking through a set of glasses.

Everyone is racing to create these set of glasses first. There are some made, but the goal is to create glasses that look sleek and fashionable at the same time as functioning well.

Apple is planning to make some in their name

Apple is planning to make some in their name

Apple is very well known for stepping into anything new and making it theirs with its brand image. Their first headset will be ready to launch in the year 2022.

Apple’s first model is in the works while Facebook is also working on its Oculus Quest VR Headset. A smaller version is under works. The model will launch in 2023.

Apple and its iOS software is a platform for thousands of applications. The company has already added AR support on iPhones and iPads as a support to make tech more accessible.

They also have a lot to offer games and other apps on behalf of AR. Company is going to add support on the upcoming pair of smart glasses.

Apple has acquired various AR and VR related firms. They have also purchased Vrvana for$30 million in the year 2017. Apple owns all the rights of the Totem AR headset which is still awaiting launch.

The Totem AR Headset was created for enterprise and industrial usage. It’s based on tech which allows a seamless transition between AR and VR.

Facebook is working with RayBan makers

Facebook is working with RayBan makers

Facebook has already laid its arm in the field and started working on AR wearables. Mark Zuckerberg intends to bring in a billion people in VR.

His plans show a definite working in AR and VR and he knows where Facebook’s future lies here. The Social Media platform partnered with RayBan parent Luxottica to create Augmented Reality glasses.

Orion, that’s what the glasses are called. The product will launch somewhere between 2023 and 2025. Tech stores will be selling the product and it will also be sold online.

Taking calls and streaming videos will be available with these glasses. Facebook is hosting a whole lot of people working for the venture.

Like Apple, Facebook also has communication abilities to communicate through glasses till our heads.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp allow people to call or chat with other users at any time of the day. Also, Facebook grants access for people to video call across all platforms.

Apart from the fact that Augmented Reality is the obvious choice for Facebook, it is also going to open some mind-blowing possibilities for Facebook.

It will be easy now for Google to access gaming sectors, marketing sectors and also the entertainment sector with AR.

AR will not just be with smartphones anymore

AR will not just be with smartphones anymore

Virtual Reality and games are related to each other for years. A perfect example of that is Pokemon Go, the game had virtual creatures placed everywhere for players to see through smartphone screens.

The game is a historical sensation and had over a billion downloads, and Niantic earned a billion bucks with this one realistic venture. The game truly proved that AR can be a success.

While many other versions by Niantic in terms of AR games failed, the company is also creating a pair of AR glasses in gaming terminology.

The company has a strong belief that the tech is way forward and supportive for gaming.


It’s still too early to assume what these glasses from different companies will be like, but we can definitely hope for something amazing to come out with these AR headsets and glasses.


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