Sergey Brin and Elon Musk are Silicon Valley reluctant rivals

  • Musk took part in an extramarital entanglement with Brin’s better half, prompting their separation.
  • Brin’s legal counselors fight she is requesting excessively — a reputed $1 billion, as indicated by the WSJ

Please accept my apologies for what I’m going to do here, yet we should discuss a few separated from men. I think Sergey Brin is endeavoring to spread his ex, and I believe he’s utilizing his set of experiences with Elon Musk to make it happen.

Musk took part in an extramarital entanglement with Brin’s better half, prompting their separation. (Purportedly.) Then, at a party, Musk tumbled to his knees, asking for Brin’s pardoning, “as per individuals with information on the occurrence,” The Wall Street Journal composes. What a story!

But: I track down this obtaining strange. What number of individuals? Two sources are not quite the same as 10 sources on this, or 30, you know? Furthermore, what sort of information? Might it be said that they were there? I comprehend needing to safeguard one’s sources, surely, yet I want additional background info on this to comprehend how truly to take it. Could I at any point be sure that Musk, who is frequently late to patterns, was not just endeavoring to Ice Brin?

I’m posing these sharp inquiries since I notice that Brin’s as yet duking it out with his prospective ex-Nicole Shanahan in court. Brin’s legal counselors fight she is requesting excessively — a reputed $1 billion, as indicated by the WSJ. I don’t have any idea how the WSJ obtained this story, yet I truly do believe helping him than her is almost certain. Assuming that he exhibits she’s faithless, he will keep a greater amount of his cash. Also, on the off chance that she’s apprehensive about additional reports about their marriage making it into the papers, she may be bound to rapidly settle.

Shanahan has denied an illicit relationship with Musk, and a mysterious source near her has told the New York Post that she’s a “pawn” in “tycoon playboy games.” I am somewhat suspicious of single-source unknown revealing, however, NYP seldom misses in big name inclusion, potentially due to its serious areas of strength for very with marketing experts. (Page Six isn’t what it was, yet at the same, it’s as yet considerable.)

Assuming Brin’s kin are to be sure behind the release, that makes Musk’s response more entertaining. Musk says he’s seen Shanahan two times over the most recent three years — and never alone. “Haven’t even engaged in sexual relations in a very long time (murmur),” he adds. All things considered, he might have been denied passage to a Berlin sex club simply last April.

To demonstrate that things are all good among himself and Brin, Musk posted a photograph of them at a similar party in answer to a Wall Street Journal manager who’d tweeted the story. An odd decision. I recollect a previous picture Musk had gotten some information about one of him with Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand lady to Jeffrey Epstein who got a 20-year sentence for sex dealing. Musk says she “photobombed” him.

It’s somewhat bizarre to reject that a photo is proof of kinship, then, at that point, post a photo as proof of a fellowship. Musk had it right with the Maxwell photograph refusal: a photograph of two individuals at a similar party means essentially nothing.

Check out the photograph with Brin: Musk in the closer view; Brin behind the scenes, not visually connecting with the camera, conceivably not even mindful he was being captured. The two are under a tent, and Brin is holding a plastic cup — a party or the like. There are two others in the photograph who give off an impression of being either kids or extremely short grown-ups. One is wearing Overwatch cosplay. I have invested an excess of energy attempting to distinguish the trees behind the scenes to sort out an area. (Indeed, I messaged specialists. They said the trees were too low-res to distinguish.)

It is absolutely evidence Musk and Brin were at a similar party, which Musk expresses was on the evening of Sunday, July 24th. Whether it is confirmation of kinship is more earnest to say.

Concerning the date and area: as indicated by the Twitter account that tracks its developments, Musk’s flight flew into San Jose’s air terminal on July 23rd and left on the night of July 24th. Because of Musk’s tweet, a gourmet specialist named Andrew Gruel (cool aptonym, very Dickens!) says that he could bear witness to Musk and Brin’s participation at the party together, where they were served lobster spiced eggs. Slop is situated in Huntington Beach, California, where he left the deck at one of his cafés open during Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit at-home request, maybe a mark of shared trait with Musk.

“Nicole and Sergey’s separation has literally nothing to do with me,” Musk messaged the New York Post. (This is likewise, everything being equal, the subsequent VIP separate from in which Musk has been blamed for homewrecking; Johnny Depp guaranteed that Musk started a relationship with his now-ex, Amber Heard, a month after Depp and Heard were hitched.)

Brin put no less than $500,000 in Tesla, as per Tim Higgins’ book Power Play. Brin might have put an obscure sum in 2006, as per Insider. As per the new WSJ story, Brin “has requested his monetary counselors to sell his own interests in Mr. Musk’s organizations,” however the story didn’t decide the size of the speculations or on the other hand on the off chance that any deals had happened.

I assume I know why! Since those speculations, in the event that sold, would be important for the talks that Brin and Shanahan are taking part in around their separation. The place of the WSJ story is to spread Shanahan, not let her were to know all the cash is! Brin could in any case party with Musk, yet it sure seems like his legal counselors hung Musk out to dry just to get to Shanahan.

Why that hostility toward Musk? They have a history. There’s the chance Musk scratched the name “Autopilot” from Google, above all else. Evidently, Larry Page and Brin were considering purchasing Tesla while allowing Musk to remain in control, as per Ashlee Vance’s account of Musk. This didn’t happen, to a great extent as a result of Musk’s P.T. Barnum-like self-limited time capacities. “With the advantage of knowing the past, obviously Musk was⁠ — at a minimum⁠ — either enlivened or frightened” into self-driving vehicles, composed Edward Niedermeyer, another Musk biographer.

By 2018, preceding Brin left Google, obviously, the competition was fermenting between Tesla and Google’s self-driving vehicle division, Waymo. In January 2021, Waymo’s CEO John Krafcik said, “As far as we might be concerned, Tesla isn’t a contender by any means.” Waymo even dumped the expression “self-driving” to allude to its independent vehicles in 2021, saying, “It might appear to be a little change, however, it’s a significant one, since accuracy in language matters and could save lives.” This appears to be a dig at Tesla, which calls its driver-help program “full self-driving.”

Presently, honestly, most of the Waymo/Tesla hamburgers began after Brin left Google. Also, Brin and Musk certainly appear to be at a similar party. In any case, I must say — except if Brin and Musk settled on releasing the WSJ story together to screw Shanahan as a component of a tech-brother trick — they appear to be much more like reluctant rivals, especially since Brin hasn’t uttered a word openly to clear this up.

Tech-brother reluctant rivals are a staple of Silicon Valley. Musk’s involved acquaintance with Peter Thiel, who made the upset at PayPal that pushed Musk out is a perfect representation. These folks need one another and perhaps likewise sort of relaxed disdain one another. Appears to be upsetting! Yet, it sort of seems to be everybody will get what they need here aside from potentially Shanahan, which is additionally very Silicon Valley.

Concerning Musk’s poor me tweets about consideration: haha, lmao. His whole game with retail investors is tied in with catching consideration. My person loves it! Recollect the McLaren? Recollect the melody, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe?” The phony robot? Musk appears to be a conspicuous understudy of NASA researcher (and Nazi) Wernher von Braun, and Twitter is where he does his form of “Man Will Conquer Space Soon.” He really wants consideration. All things considered, isn’t that the very thing he’s purchasing Twitter for?

This might mean Brin and Musk are still companions all things considered. I’m genuinely certain right now that Musk can’t differentiate between great consideration and terrible consideration. However long he’s the focal point of consideration, he’s blissful — in light of the fact that consideration sells Teslas.


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