Why Startups and Entrepreneurs Fail? Powerful Some Step Solution of successful Startups

We must have heard that the famous Entrepreneur business is not running successful or entrepreneur which had its name in the list of successful billionaire is not as same as in the past. Many of us must have dreamt to be a successful Entrepreneur but do all of you know the best strategy to follow in becoming the Entrepreneur. Many websites will assure you to provide the good and successful strategy but that will not be applicable to many of the persons. Either you are SME and Growth Corporate , and you want your professional growth to touch the sky at the height then this article is going to help you to such a great extent. Read the article till the end and must not forget to share it with your friends. Award Winning Content is basically depends upon the leadership funnel.

The structure of an organization must be like this that contains the 4 pillars.

  • Individual Peak Performer
  • Driving the peak performers
  • Developing the driver
  • Developing the organization

These pillars are on the above line as well as the below line. Below the line these pillars acts as like the roots of the tree and whereas these pillars above the line acts as the fruits of the tree. If we first talk about the below line pillars they need potential which means mind set which further requires belief. On the other side if we talk about the above line pillars they need the better performance which means in other words skill test which futher derives from the behiaviour.


Individual peak performer is like the driver of the organization. If you are not a good driver or a peak performer you can not further drive the peak performer. Most of the time what happens in an organization is the owner of the company promotes the person to a higher post , by virtue of experience and by virtue of skill set. The person promoted may would work little bit good because it may have skill set but his mind set will not be grown good. And we know an organization must have a proper structure. It’s the reason company start losing their capital in sometimes as they never know that they are only the reason behind their failure.

Reasons of CEO Failure


There are the two most reasons why now these days CEO are getting failed .
Firstly an organization what does these days is choosing a CEO either from the outside of the environment directly or promoting an inside employee. What happens next ?
The choosed CEO from the outside environment doesn’t have that much knowledge that must be required about the company. He works hard to get involved in the company but it takes 6 months to be friendly with the employee but at the last nothing seems to be successful. The next reason in case of an inner employee promotion to be the CEO. Here in this case because of the inadequate prepration this employee is not able to handle the pressure and he had never faced it.


CEO is not about making a strategy only . Its about making not only a successful strategy but also the execution of it. Some people have the potential to do anything under any pressure , but they have the lack of performace , similarly vice versa , some people have the high performance but the lack of potential. So before choosing someone , you must be careful that the person should be a mixture of both the terms “Potential and Performance”.

Now 1nd Step refers to the team spirit. It is known the “people man” .These persons must have skill test t work with the people . They must create a good bonding. They should know how to develop the drivers and how to make them work as according to the company.


2rd step is the “action man” . They will work on the systems , data , structures, framework and organization. This pillar will stand the profitable.

Price of performance = Potential + Performace

This formula is going to help you to a great extent, and you will never ever going the failures in any organization , if you follow this only formula.
4rth step is to develop the organization which will depends on the performance and the efforts of the team.


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