NASA Scientist reveals that Life on Mars Announcement is on the Way

In a recent interview, Jim Green from NASA said that they are going to make some huge announcements regarding life on Mars. He believes that humans are not ready for it.

Green reckons we have to prepare ourselves for the results. This is going to be revolutionary. Just like the findings of Copernicus. Remember what he found. Earth revolves around the Sun.

Life On Mars 


Jim Green and NASA scientists are excited just like you and me. He believes that life on mars is going to do wonders for all. What happens next is the question that needs answers.

Moving life from planet to planet is surprising. But at the same time, it creates fear among us. Wondering how life is going to be on Mars. Lots of scientific questions ready to be shot at NASA after the announcement.

The prospects of life on Mars are raising day by day with new findings. Allard Beutel from NASA said that the mission to Mars is taking our breath away. The future missions are going to be even more advanced.

Next NASA Mission


NASA is not going to take rest after Mars rovers. They are planning to launch missions to Titan, Europa, and other planets in the solar system. NASA is looking for signs of life in these places not explored before. NASA is planning to make a revolution just like they did in 1969.

Wondering what they did in 1969? First space agency to step into Moon. That kind of civilization changing event is going to happen once again. Not once, but quite a few in upcoming years.

To explore extraterrestrial life on Mars, NASA will launch Mars 2020 rover by July 2020. Jezero Crater will be the landing spot of Mars rover. NASA revealed that Mars rover will touch the planet surface on Feb. 18, 2021.

Jezero Crater – Mars 2020 Landing Spot


NASA discovered that Jezero Crater was home for ancient organic molecules. Ancient river delta was present in this landing spot. Signs of microbial life will be there for sure. The existence is dated back to billions of years ago.

Jezero Crater is the best landing spot compared to the other 60 locations. The cost of Mars 2020 rover is a whopping $2 billion. Other than NASA, the European Space Agency will deploy ExoMars rover on the Red Planet. It will land and surface contact on March 2021.

NASA spokesperson Jim Green said that this is the maximum depth drilled on Mars. Nobody has explored this much as NASA did.



“The presence of water indicates signs of life”, he added. In the 1990s, NASA used astrobiology to find extreme life events. They have gone 2 miles deep down the Earth and found water. So there should have been life on Mars and that’s the conclusion.

NASA also explored nuclear cesspools where life is impossible. But they were surprised to see a place full of life. In June 2018, a massive announcement came from NASA. The curiosity rover they sent to Mars discovered the presence of organic molecules in rocks that are billions of years old. That rover did not find life on Mars. 

A recent study revealed that Mars was warm and evidence suggests the presence of an ecosystem that supported life. Massive rains and abundant water flow suggest lives that would have existed 4 billion years ago.


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