Top 20 Easy Ways To Make Money Quickly

In this world, making money has become the most important task. Our whole life is about earning good money. But with the increasing competition and modernized lifestyle, the monthly salary cannot be enough. A lot of people look for part-time jobs and other ways to earn extra cash in their pockets. Students also look for jobs and work, to make money quickly for their pocket spend.

Easy Ways To Make Money Quickly

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the best works you can do to make money quickly or you can say extra cash:

Online Surveys

Various companies and organizations are running online surveys. You can participate in such surveys and get paid for it. You can come across multiple online surveys and participate in them. After surveys, you get the money. You can attend numerous surveys to earn a fair amount of money.

Start Your Website

Start Your Website

Starting a website only needs a digital presence and little time. You can create a website of your own and share content. Over time, once your website gets a good ranking, you can earn money through ads.

Websites with good ranks make good with affiliate marketing and ad placement. You can create a website for free using various website creator sites. You can also go with a blog as it functions the same.

Review Websites & Apps For Cash

This is a new yet feasible method to earn some extra money. To stand out in the crowd, websites and apps look for people to review them positively.

You can contact such websites and apps and review them thoroughly on google and get some extra cash. You can continually do the same thing with many apps/websites and earn pretty well.

Get Paid To Sites

In this hardcore competitive world, websites are opting for every possible way to survive. You get paid for visiting websites and increasing traffic.

Various websites ask people to visit their websites. You can search for such websites and spend some time there and earn money.

Become a Delivery Rider Or Driver

Becoming a delivery rider or driver is a fun task to do in your free time. Many restaurants, online food delivery stores, and people look for people to parcel things from one place to another.

This job asks you to travel distances and get paid for it. It is a fun and exciting job to do at least once in a lifetime.

Write And Publish A Kindle eBook.

The flow of emotions is a beautiful thing. And if you mature this art, you can become a writer on a Kindle ebook. In this digital era, people look for the digital source to provide them good stories.

You can publish your story in the form of a book on Kindle and earn decent money out of it. Not only money, if your book does pretty well, but you get fame as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most passionate and approved ways to earn the right amount of money in less time. It applies to promoting a particular service, website, or product and adding a new consumer to their list.

If you want to earn the right amount of money, you have to refer to the affiliate company’s website and bring new signups for them. In return, you receive a proper amount of recurring commissions. You need a good promotion and networking skills to fill your bank account with extra income.

Mobile Phone Recycling

If your parents do not mind selling your old phones, you can give them for recycling. Selling your old mobiles to the recycling store actually gives you good money. If you have an old phone and want to get rid of it, sell it for recycling. This will also add money to your bank account.

Become a ‘Clickworker’

Out of all the available jobs, ‘click work‘ is the most preferred part-time work. You can visit the website and select any available job. Whatever work you do, you get paid for it. Though there are all kinds of work available, the most common are data entry, web surfing, content creation, etc.

Sell Your Notes

If you are good at concealing things and making crisp notes, you can sell them or money. Students look for readymade notes to save their time.

You can sell your hard work for an appropriate amount of money. A lot of people do the same and earn pretty well. All you need to do is look for the old notes and search for buyers.

Sell Second-Hand Course Books.

Knowledge is never-ending, and you can share your knowledge source to help others. People look for secondhand books and pay half of the actual price.

If there is a stack of books in your book slab, you can sell them to those in need and get money. It is an excellent option to earn extra money without any struggle.

Sell All Your Old CDs, Games, And Movies.

If you think your collection of CDs, fun, and films is outstanding, go and sell it. Once used, you can sell your CDS at lower prices to other people. People really pay well to get secondhand CDs. You will get enough to treat yourself.

Become Tutor

Make money quickly

Having good knowledge of a subject is a very high demand in the present scenario. Whether you are a student, or a working man, becoming a tutor can be a good part-time option.

Tutors are paid very nicely—all you need to spare some time and attention to students. Whatever knowledge you have, you can share it with others. You can even give a dance, language, music, or guitar tuitions and get paid. Many websites are also providing online tutoring services; you can register with them and make money quickly


If you are missing fun and adventure in your life, become a babysitter! Babysitting is a gratifying yet hectic part-time work that will add some extra money to your account.

A lot of working people look for people who can take care of their baby for a certain period. You will enjoy the time with the little champ but be responsible!

Dog Walking And Sitting

Nothing can get better than enjoying your time with adorable pets. And it gets better when you get paid for that! Dog sitting and walking is the go for part-time work that you can do to make money quickly. Spending time with dogs is relaxing and will add fun to your life as well.

Freelance Works


In your free time, go for freelance work as they pay really well. You can get freelance work in any of your desired areas. If you are good at content creation, you can get freelance content writing projects and earn pretty good. A lot of people have freelance work as their career option as well.

You can get freelance projects from websites like,,, etc

YouTube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel was never a bad idea and especially when you have loads of free time. If you desire to make money quickly, you can create a youtube channel. Through the monetization policy of youtube, you can make pretty decent.

You need to maintain a good number of subscribers by sharing excellent and creative content. Keep sharing good content and stay active continuously to earn money using the Youtube channel. On your channel, you can make money by affiliate marketing as well.

Get Paid For Surfing.

If you love spending time on the internet, you would be happy knowing that you can get paid for it. Various websites look for people to search them continuously on search engines.

This process enhances the visibility of the website, and in return, they offer you money. These kinds of websites are very beneficial to make money quickly by absolutely doing nothing.

Play Online Games

You can play games and earn money along with it. It might sound amusing, but it’s happening. Various apps pay people for playing games.

Apps such as Dream11, Ace2Three, Rummy 11, etc. pay users the right amount of money to play online games. To win the cash prize, you must win the game and score a good ranking. It is a fun task to do and earn money.

Reselling Through Apps

There are many ways of earning money in this digital era. Such a way is making money by reselling products. For example, Meesho is an Indian app that you can use to earn money. The app is very beneficial for part-time workers, homemakers, and others to earn pretty decently.


Here were some works that you can do and make money quickly. Here quickly doesn’t mean you’ll start earning within 5 minutes. You must give time. Most of the above jobs are fun to do and ask for a short time. You need a bit of involvement, useful contacts, and research of trends to earn good extra cash.

Some of the jobs can be found very quickly, whereas you need to pay a lot of attention for some. But in the end, all of these jobs will big extra cash to your pocket and make your life busier. Go for them!


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