Linux Lover?? Lets explain Top 5 Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

Linux is an Open Source Operating System, and you can perform lots of tasks by using this excellent Operating System. It is simplarly looks like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS. Linux is a premium software and is used to control Hardware like Desktop and Computer, Laptop and Supercomputer, Networking equipment, World’s Stock Exchange also. Linux was designed by a strong and highly integrated command line interface, which is not available in Windows and Mac. This Linux allows Hackers and Coder to do work in a greater access and control over their system and awesome customization. This is the reason most of the Hackers tools and pen is developed in the Linux operating system.

Top 10 YouTube channels to learn Linux Online

Due to the various feature of Linux there are more and more people who are intrested in learing Linux. Because of Linux you can make your career and improve your knowledge about the computers as well it will develop creativie thinking in your mind.

With this article we bring top 5 Website to learn Linux online

Linux Programming

This is the best website to learn Linux Programming online. Here you can get detailed information about the Linux programs and administrative system. It has a comprehensive explanation for the FAQ’s likes way Linux advantages, the difference of Linux and Unix and its importance and many more.


This website for the complete beginners guide of Linux. With the help of this website you can learn to make new Linux application. Most important things you can learn about the Linus fully with this website., which is affilated with the Linux Foundation, and it also offer for the online traning for home users. If someone is intrested in getting started with Linux should take a look at “Introduction to Linux”, their are some free courses for the people.

Linux Security for Beginners

The web-site offer free courses to the beginner on Linux Security. They also provide information and guide the Lateset Linux Security. It also explore everythings firewalls, wireless security, and many more. If anyone is intrestred to learn Linux Security for there own purpose so it is the best sources to learn.

Norm matloff’s unix and Linux tutorial centre

Norm Matloff, a profeesional professor of computer science, it provides lots of free guide about the Linux and Unix tutorials for independent study. In addiding more information they also provide advances information also.


Linux Basic Concepts

In addition to the above website, there are more website to learn about the Linux and they also have extra tutorial on there website which teaches you the basic concepts of Linux. So go th the Website and grab the oportunities to learn the Linux throughly.

So Guys don’t waste time and grab the opportunity to learn something new and be improve the Computer knowledge and be creative.



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