Moon Conspiracy Theories: Is Moon Landing Fake?

6% of Americans (19 million people) strongly believe that Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, faked the moon landing. This is what we call it as Moon Landing Conspiracy.  

One conspiracy theorist called Buzz Aldrin as Liar and said he didn’t land on the moon. Aldrin immediately punched him in the face to show his disapproval.

Phil Plait is a famous space commentator with millions of followers all over the world. Phil Plait said he has mixed feelings about moon landing missions. Back in 2001, he published a blog about moon landing conspiracy which had thousands of visitors within a short time.

Is Moon Landing  A Hoax?


Even though there is plenty of evidence to prove the moon landing mission, a set of people voice out their disbelief. Conspiracy theorists believe that the US government scripted the entire moon landing mission. 

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step into the moon. 50 years after that incident, people are still debating about the moon landing. It all started when a poll conducted in 1970 revealed that 30% of Americans believe the moon landing never happened.  

Former Legislative Director, Art Harmon, gave a fitting reply about moon conspiracy believers – “absolute nuts”.

Moon Landing Conspiracy in Films & TV Shows


A movie named “Capricorn One” released in 1978. This movie became a blockbuster and made many people believe that Neil Armstrong and his crew didn’t land on the moon.

In the 1990s and 2000s, TV show “The X-Files” grabbed the attention of millions of people by addressing the moon landing conspiracy. “Friends” also addressed the mission with a pinch of humor. 

Moon Landing Conspiracy Questions


Many questioned the moon landing. Many asked why the flag kept by Neil Armstrong on the moon did not wave. The reality is there is no air on the moon. The astronauts bent the metal support carrying the flag in order to make the flag look waving. 

The conspiracy theorists asked why the photos took on the moon did not have stars in the background. The truth is, the cameras couldn’t picture the stars due to faint light emitted by stars. 

Science and evidence gave perfect reply to every question asked by conspiracy theorists, Harmon said. He also added, “400,00 Americans worked on moon landing project and conspiracy theories are a disgrace to their efforts”.

Moon – An Alien Space Station


According to Scott C. Waring, Moon is an alien space station used for monitoring earth. He says that the moon is not real and it is a spaceship created by aliens. He also believes that the moon surface is full of debris intentionally stocked to make it look natural celestial body. 

However, NASA dismissed claims like this, saying that these theories are fake and created by moon conspiracy enthusiasts to gain attention. 

Green Moon Conspiracy


Many people believed that the moon will turn green on May 29, 2016, due to planet alignment. But it didn’t happen. Scientists and researchers ruled these things saying they are baseless rumors. People believed that the moon completely turned green in 1596. Only god knows the truth.  



There are so many conspiracy theories developed over the past 50 years. We can’t rule out everything. At the same time, we can’t believe everything. Media use conspiracy theories to gain more viewers. Moviemakers use conspiracy theories to gain attention. 

NASA has come up with fitting replies every time a question came. There is no strong evidence to rule out the moon landing mission. Regardless of the truthfulness of conspiracy theories, we have to accept that these theories or rumors are exciting to read and listen to. 



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