Internet Under the Sea – Cables Damage Problem? Internet Cables Protection?

Hey Guys we use Internet Daily in the morning or at night time also. But the Internet connection come to our home through mobile towers or from any wire connection. But do you know that, the main Internet connectivity wires are lay inside the sea?
Just think what happen if these wires inside the sea will get damage? Then can we use the Internet?? So, today we are going to talk about this only in today’s fresh article. Continue reading this article and I will tell more about it. We all know that the Internet connection is very much important for today’s world. We communicate with peoples from any where through Internet. The use of Internet occurs in a large scale. If the Internet will stop for sometimes many people will come is loss. But the Sea Cables information was available in Internet to know which cable is from which country or which cable from which continent.


For example, In below image these sea cables are from India.

You can see all country map from this site-

( )

And for the security of these cables no one is there. Once they set the cables inside the sea and they are not worry about it. But there may me risk that any country can attack on any wire for lose the Internet connectivity of another country. And in 2008 one ship was going from the sea and inside it the sea cables are lay down and from the Anchor of that ship the sea cables was cut down. And because of this the connectivity of Egypt and Middle East was down by 80%.


So for the safe of these wires they make the wire thin of at least 1 inch and they cover that thin wire with steel, plastic and given too many protection above that wire. But in case, if any wire cut down then also we can use internet because there are too many wires inside the sea so the internet will change it’s route and come from another direction. Only we get little bit slow internet because of it, but we can use.


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