Intel launches Firstever Core i9 8th Gen. processor for laptops which might be the future of gaming

Last year, Intel announced i9 processors for desktop and it wasn’t far enough that they will do the same for laptops too. Yesterday, Intel announced the launch of Core i9 processors for laptop and they have built it amazingly well. Intel Core i9-8950HK has six cores totally and 12 threads making it the Intel’s first hexa core processor for laptops. This i9 processor is clocked at 2.9GHz and it is unlocked which means we can overclock it and it is also capable of turbo frequencies up to 4.8GHz which is tremendous. It is also the Intel’s first unlocked version which is mainly done to support high-end games and smooth the gameplay. It also has a DDR4-2666 RAM and a 12 MB cache to make things more speed up. With the latest batch of 8th gen processor, Intel is aiming to provide desktop-like experience to the portable users. Intel also claimed that the new Core i9 is the fastest of all its preceding processors. Overall, it is 29 percent faster than Core i7 7th generation processor. Intel has also stated that they have tried to increase the gaming experience and has seen an increase of 41 percent while playing the same games in the new Core i9 processor. While editing 4k quality videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, it has seen an increase of 59 percent in comparison with the older processors.

The specifications regarding the new Core i9 for laptops, it might seem a little much than average for a normal user but for gamers, it’s a treat to get their hands on this processor. For normal users, you have still got the option with the 8th generation of Core i7 processor (i7-8750H and i7-8850H). Along with this, Intel has also announced 8th generation for i3 and i5 cores too which will be based on the 14nm+ architecture which is also known as Coffee Lake. The latest Core i9 and i7 8th gen are based on the H series which is also based on the company’s 14nm+ architecture.

The new Core i9 processor also comes with the Intel’s Optane technology which focuses on increasing the memory, storage and has higher catch memory which increases the speed and performance of the laptops. Intel has also claimed that this new technology helps to load game levels around 4.7 times faster than that of the i7 8th generation processor which sports a 1 Terabyte hard disk and an SSD disk with it.


Intel has also improved its Wi-Fi performance with the built-in 802.11ac which is a new 160MHz variety, nearly as twice as the previous 80MHz. In papers, it is reported that it can transfer over a Gigabyte per second. Overall if we see, Intel has taken a step forward to enhance the experience of gaming for its portable users with its new power force Core i9 processor.


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