Indian space research organization (ISRO) was planning to launch GSAT-6A, the country most powerful communication system-based satellite which was eventually planned to be launched on 30th March 2018 which was one of India’s super successful launch. GSAT -6A is considered to be India’s most powerful communication satellite till date. This satellite is said to be built at the investment of 250Crore.The launch was initially considered to be successful since the satellite completed an orbital maneuver and followed by its deployment in geo-sync orbit. The launch was a huge success for the country space mission plan of establishing a communication link setup since the country was planning to have one of the greatest launch in order to compete to the world’s space organization technology but sooner the bad news popped out which made the country feel down. The scientist at Indian space research organization told that they lost the communication link with the satellite but then later they added that there are certainly possibilities that they would reestablish the connection with the satellite.

The failure in the satellite was due to some power system short-circuiting. The scientist at Indian Space Research Organization told that the satellite has a solar panel so if there was any power failure then solar panel should have recharged the battery and there would have been no communication cutoff but then the complete communication link with the satellite was lost. That was one of the bad news which proves the probability of failure in entire system due to some internal short-circuiting of wire. The failure was a sudden one since after the launch of the satellite and its successful deployment over orbit there was another plan to execute an operation to raise its orbit a day later but then the sudden power system failure made the plan to be rescheduled.


The country’s most powerful satellite went blank when it was attempted to get ignited for its final move to set into its space home station. The satellite would become a fully loaded space debris if connection was reestablished with it again. Efforts are being put at its best to reestablish the connection with the satellite. ISRO chairman Shivan told that it was not all lost. It’s been predicted that the connection with the satellite will be re-established sooner. This is the second failure of the agency since last 6 months. The former was PSLV planned launch which got failed. With the best hope, Shivan gave a statement to THE HINDU that they will eventually reestablish the satellite connection. GSAT-6A was aimed at helping in the improvement of remote mobile communication and its launched was termed as “super-magnificent mission” by a senior ISRO official. ISRO is working to their best most of capabilities to reestablish the communication with this satellite. Hopefully, ISRO will regain the connection with this satellite and the mission would again comeback on its pathway rather than satellite becoming one of the space junk. Let us hope for the best.


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