CarDekho Group Expands Marketplace and Introduces TractorsDekho

CarDekho Group, an auto tech and finance company, has announced the expansion of its digital services with the launch of TractorsDekho. This new platform is dedicated to providing information to the farming community and promoting agricultural development in Bharat.

Leveraging the success and expertise of CarDekho in offering detailed information, reviews, and assistance for purchasing automobiles, TractorsDekho aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by providing specialized resources for tractors.

This marks CarDekho Group’s entry into the commercial and agricultural vehicle sector, targeting the previously overlooked segment of tractors.

Mayank Jain, CEO of New Auto at CarDekho Group, emphasized the importance of India’s agricultural sector in the economy and for the population.

Recognizing the crucial role that tractors play for farmers and their struggle with limited information, the company is now stepping in to simplify their research and help them make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a tractor.

By bridging the information gap, their goal is to support farmers in their decision-making process and contribute to rural economic growth across the country.

TractorsDekho has been tailored specifically for tractor buyers and offers a variety of sections to meet their diverse needs. The platform provides refined information in an engaging format, ensuring an improved user experience in its digital environment.

It has a comprehensive database and uses intelligent suggestions to cater to the users’ interests. The search results can be customized based on brand, body type, and other preferences.

The platform also has a vast network connecting buyers, sellers, dealers, and service centers, making it easier for users to research tractors. With intuitive search validations and navigation, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience. The platform also offers news and expert insights on tractor technology and trends.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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