How To Protect Yourself From ISP Tracking?

Short InfoX- Do you know that we sometimes get track from our ISP that is Internet Service Provider. I have already discussed about it in more details in our last article. You can read it from here for more details. But in this article I will discuss about how we can protect our self from tracking our Internet privacy from our Internet Service Provider. So, continue reading this article and I will tell about How can we protect our self from tracking our ISP.

We daily use Facebook and Google. Do You know that these both sites track your location that where you are. They track you location generally to show advertisement according to your activity. Okay Guys, Let’s assume that you stop using Facebook because it tracks your location. But, we have to use Internet and it is 100% confirm that your ISP will track that what you are doing on Internet. So, how can we save our self from this tracking which brakes our privacy. So for this we can use VPN which is Virtual Private Network and it is reputed VPN. Then you can little bit be think safe that your activity will not be known by your ISP. Because it’s routing is doing completely in encrypted way. So, when we use VPN then your ISP will be not able to know that what data you are sending where? And, what you are doing on the Internet. Now if you think that the your VPN will track what you are doing on the Internet. Then you must be sure that you are using any trusted VPN and it must be paid because free VPN are not that much secure. Most of paid VPN are trustful and we can use it without any fear of our privacy.


But if you are doing simple searching only on the Internet then you will not have to fear about privacy. Because if your ISP tracks you also then you will not have any fear of your privacy. But, if you are doing some personal work and you do not need to share that privacy with anyone. And if you thinks that someone knows about it or he or she can be know about it what you are doing.


Then a question mark comes. But, don’t worry. Their is no one keeps tracking you and seeing what you are doing. Where that person is going, what he is doing on that site. In general ISP tracks your data or may be not track also. But they never give your private details to public. But if you want to keep safe your Internet privacy. Then must use VPN and it must be reputed VPN


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