How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Android And IOS

YouTube has become the basic platform for streaming videos on nearly every desktop and smartphones offering its service for free. From viewing the latest trailers to the oldest songs ever, YouTube has become the common platform for all. The only issue in smartphones is that it does not run on background. Even in the generation of multi-tasking, you have to keep the YouTube app open in order to watch the videos or listen to songs. While it might be useless to run the app in the background while viewing a video. Listening to a song while seeing the video every time is irritating too. While there are plenty of applications on the Play Store and App Store which lets you listen to songs in the background, YouTube is the default need for many.

And yes, in technology there’s a way to everything. YouTube does allow you to play the videos in the background on your Android or iOs smartphones. One of the simplest methods to do so is to purchase the YouTube Red subscription. It gives the users the capability to run the YouTube in the background through its YouTube Music App. It removed the annoying advertisements but it can be availed in specific regions only.

Google’s Support

Last year, Google launched the Picture In Picture (PiP) mode for YouTube and other similar applications. It allows the users to play videos in an overlay window which is not affected by other apps. While this feature benefitted the bigger screen smartphones it was still an issue with the smaller displays. Moreover, it is available only for Android Oreo users. To use this feature, open Chrome and go to a website containing a video and play it in full screen. Press the Home button and the video will automatically start playing in PiP mode.

Other ways out of this are to install some third party applications which enable the users to use the Picture in Picture mode without being on Android Oreo. But, not many want to install side applications to find a solution to the problems they face.




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