How To Delete Google Search History?

If you use Google, then you must know how to delete google search history. Google is one of the most popular and well-liked search engine indeed. Furthermore, more than 95% of android users use google chrome. But with every search, the search history gets bigger and bigger.

Why do you need to delete google history?


Your privacy is a matter of concern. And search history might be a big flaw for your privacy. For instance, if your mobile gets lost, then someone can access all the information about you and will know what websites you visit most. Besides, with that much hacking isn’t impossible. Except those, People believe, deleting search history is a healthy practice. That’s why you must know how to delete google search history.

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How would you delete search history?

Fortunately, Google has made it easier for users to delete their search history. Even a few months back, users had to visit their Google account landing page to see and delete search history, but now you can do that from the search itself.h

Herea the steps to follow:

  • Tap the three lines on the left side of any Google search.
  • Go to “Your data in Search” option.
  • There Google will show recent queries and provide deletion option.

This brand new functionality launched for desktop as well as mobile web on Wednesday and will roll out for iOS and Android within a few weeks. Furthermore, it will appear in Google Maps by 2020.

However, The Associated Press found that Google was storing location history, even when a user paused their “Location History.” Furthermore, in September, the company backtracked on changes to its Google Chrome browser that will automatically sign a user in if they wanted to use any other Google service, for instance, Gmail. Google discovered a software bug recently that gave developers access to the private profile data of Google+ users. Consequently, it shut the social network down.

Google’s clarification

New “Your data in Search” menu of Google will let users adjust their ad settings and activity controls to decide what information Google saves to their account. But after such accidents, its a matter of concern whats the reality.
While Google doesn’t sell users-data, it uses it to tailor advertising across its different services like Google search, Maps and YouTube, and other websites which use Google’s ad platforms.

In a clarification, they said that having access to relevant and actionable privacy controls directly from the Google products users use every day is just one way that they are continuously working to build privacy that works for everyone.

To conclude, The technical flaws aren’t always predictable. So you should take precautions from your side. That’s why you must know how to delete google search history.


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