How LED Lights are controlled? How TV Remote Works? PWM Explained

Short info X: Guys many of you have thought that how our T.V remote works and how the LED lights that we use in some functions, how they work. So, in today’s article I will tell you about, How LED Lights are controlled?

Guys let’s first know about what is PWM we use this PWM in many places where we have to ON or OFF anything. So Guys, let’s assume that I will give you duty for ON or OFF any switch and that you have to do continuously in the same time like in every 2 seconds you have to ON the switch and in 2 seconds you have to OFF the switch. So, when I see the bulb, the bulb in exact 2 seconds will get Off and ON. So lets we make any system which can do this automatically. Suppose we set the time that the bulb should ON for 10 seconds and will OFF for 1 second. So this method was used by PWM. We modulate the pulse of PWM which automatically do this.

  • So the next concept comes from the Duty cycle. Suppose, I tell you that to ON the bulb for 1 second and OFF the bulb for 1 second, so here what we will do 50% we kept it ON and 50% kept it OFF. So the Duty Cycle come off 50%.
  • Now, if I tell that you have to Keep ON the bulb for 1 second and OFF the bulb for 4 seconds. So here you kept it 20% ON and 80% OFF. Duty cycle comes of 20%.

So we can change it, depends on our requirement.


But here how fast we have to change the speed of ON or OFF the LED this plays a very important role in this. For example, you have to show the LED light low. So, what you will do, you will ON that LED for 1 second and OFF for 2 seconds. But, our eyes will catch a tell that this LED light is doing ON or OFF. But guys, if you surpass the flicker fusion rate, for human beings it is for 1 second and 18 times. So, our brain will not able to notice that LED is ON or OFF or getting low. The T.V remote also works in the same principle.



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