Honeywell Quantum Computers: The Fastest And The Most Powerful In The World

Honeywell Quantum Computer

Honeywell quantum computers is a huge leap from the technology that was previously available.

We humans can only process a limited amount of information at any given time. This process speeds up with the help of a computer.

But it is foolish to think that a normal computer can work wonders. This is why mankind aspired to create something much faster and better than a regular computer.

We named them super-computers, and they allowed us to calculate much more data. But what Honeywell has done, is remarkable.

They were in the race of building the fastest machines but it seems that they have finally achieved the impossible.

The Highest Quantum Volume

The Highest Quantum Volume

We can consider Honeywell Quantum computers as a successor to other similar inventions. The conglomerate released a note saying that they have made a breakthrough.

Have you ever thought about the metric system used to categorize quantum computers? Quantum Volume is what helps us grade its speed, tolerance and performance.

Honeywell says that they have managed to attain a quantum volume of about 64. This is almost double than what existed before its arrival.

This belonged to IBM who is another known important name in this race to speed. Their computers managed to reach the quantum level of 32.

This gave Honeywell the liberty to declare themselves as the company to own the fastest machine in the world.

Significance Of The Invention

The company is proud that it made this invention amidst a pandemic. It is no surprise that the entire world is under quarantine and the companies are making very little progress.

Tony Uttley who works there has said the following in an interview.

He was happy that their employees continued to work on the project and always had one goal in mind. The company could only have very little manpower in its workforce.

The Questions That Arose

The Questions That Arose

Unlike other units of measurement, the quantum volume is not universal. No one really knew how efficient it really was.

It was a term coined by the company and no one from the outside has a clear idea about it. Before this, Qubits was the most popular term used.

It is nothing but a quantum version of the regular “bits” that a computer uses. This term never includes or rates the quality of the system. By using Qubits you can know nothing more than the speed.

But using quantum volume can also give us an idea about its build quality. Stability and error tolerance are some of the other factors.

Although Qubits is not the best mode of measurement a lot of companies still tend to stick with it.

This has brought so much pressure on Honeywell. But, a lot of scholars believe Quantum volume is the right way to measure a quantum computer’s performance.


There were previous disputes between Google and IBM. The companies argued about who had the most power when it comes to quantum calculations.

Apart from these big shots, there are various startups out there who are working towards the same goal.

Humanity hopes that one-day computers will evolve and solve the problems that we never could.

The rate at which new inventions pop up is getting lower and lower by the day. This is because the calculations are becoming more and more complex.

Honeywell Quantum Computers has huge potential to handle most of these problems.


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