Google’s Lighting Feature Will Show Well-Lit Streets On Google Maps

Google is about to deploy a terrific feature that’s going to surprise you for sure. Maps, that’s the one coming with a new update. Google’s lighting feature will show brightly lit streets for safe navigation.

This feature is titled “Lighting” and it is to help you travel safely during nights. There are poor or lighting in most part of the world. We neglect this issue, but this should be given the utmost care.

So many people fear dark. I am one of them. When I walk alone during nights, I recall all the horror movies I watched. Google has come up with a feature that will help me stay fearless

Google’s Lighting Feature and Its Benefits

Google’s Lighting Feature and Its Benefits

Streets with good lighting will be highlighted in the Google Maps which is about to get a beta release (v10.31.0). The feature is still in the development phase, so we don’t have any images to show you how it works.

Well-lit streets will be displayed in yellow colour and enable us to avoid streets that don’t have proper lighting. How Google is gonna source the lighting data is still a mystery.

If Google doesn’t have lighting data of a particular street, then it will display this message “no lighting info available.” The lighting will be visible when you zoom the street on your Google Maps App.

Tech geeks and experts are scratching their head and eagerly waiting to see this feature in action. It is still unclear whether this feature will be available worldwide. We think initially this feature will be applicable in a specific region.

Google: India, Here We Come

Google: India, Here We Come

India would be the first country to get this feature because so many horrific incidents happen during the night. Poor lighting is one of the main reason for this.

Based on the reception, they will optimize the feature and deploy it worldwide. This is the first feature from Google that deals with safety. A couple of years ago, Google rolled out an SOS alert feature to indicate natural disaster.

That received rave reviews and people found it extremely helpful. London Bridge got a tag “danger zone” when a terror attack happened.


Also in June, Google Maps launched a great feature called “Stay Safer” in India. If your driver is taking a different route, then users will get instant notifications. This helps people to stay safe.

There is no guarantee that this superb feature gets green light from the Google team. If it happens, we will be the first to bring it to your attention.


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