Google to launch to New Gmail Design for its web version

For quite some time, Gmail for the web did not have any updates. However, Google has been working for it in the background, and its work on the updates is almost ready for the public consumption.

Google is redesigning web version of Gmail

Google plans for redesigning web version of Gmail. It has been working on its redesign, and G Suite customers are the first to know about it. There is no public announcement about it, but it is coming to the Early Adopt Program in few weeks for both G Suite and regular Gmail users.

Inviting G Suite Administrators to the Gmail Party

The email was sent out to G Suite Administrators pre-warning them about new Gmail in the work. The new design will be rolled out in few weeks. It presents a new look for Gmail on the web, and it will also provide easy access to G Suite customers to join an Early Adopter Program.

■ Following features are listed by Gmail coming to it:

>Easy access to G Suite apps such as Google Calendar.

>A clean look for Gmail web version.

>Smart Reply which is available in mobile version.

>Snoozing emails and choosing when they will show up back in your mail box will also be available.


Similarly, Google app’s version 7.26 will also get new features which will include capabilities of Google Assistant and Google Home in it. As the company is trying to move Chrome apps to the web, it is also introducing native offline support for Gmail. After the feature goes live, Google will withdraw the old Gmail Offline Chrome app. Still, no announcements have been made on this. In the coming weeks, we should be hearing more about these new features and will get introduced to some new updates. While some will love the new look of Gmail web version, some will hate the change. In the race of technology, you will always see frequent changes in everything. You must get adapted to the change.

Update- A Google spokesperson said that they are working on some major Gmail updates. But, refused to speak anything about it as they need some time to uncover this. He asked to archive this for now and when the time comes, they will let us know everything about it.


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