Google is blocking uncertified Android devices from running its apps

Google is trying to block illegal distribution of its own apps on uncertified android devices. These apps include Gmail, Play Store, Maps and Play Music. Uncertified devices will no longer run Google Apps Android was designed as an open source project. So, there are no restrictions on developers. Developers are free to edit this open source project in the way they desire and create their own custom ROMs. But, this boon from open source android project is misused in several says. Several uncertified devices are found illegaly distributing Google’s apps. So, the company has decided to block uncertified devices from running these apps. Eariler, it was possible for uncertified devices to make use of Google Apps, but now the situation appears to be changing. Google is finally blocking uncertified devices from using its apps.

Google is blocking uncertified devices

Licensing its apps is a source of revenue for Google. Google license its apps such as Google Play Music, Google Maps and Google Play Store to android phone manufacturers. Licensing allows manufacturers to pre-install Google’s apps on their devices with certain conditions. But, there are number of illegal distributions of its apps on the internet. Company wants to stop this illegal distribution of its apps on the third-party sites. Google has made a new update. Whenever a user tries to log into any of the Google’s app on an uncertified device (which was not licensed by Google), he/she will be prompted with an error screen displaying a message to return the device to the retailer from whom it was purchased. User will be disallowed from signing in to his/her Google account if the device is uncertified.


Custom ROM users are white-listed

Google has white-listed custom ROM users. If you are a custom ROM user, you can register the device with Google if you wish to keep running Google’s apps on your device and get white-listed by Google. Registering your device to Google means tying your device to your Google account. It can be simply done by logging in to your Google account and entering Android ID of the device you are using. Android ID is a string of characters which acts as a unique identifier. A new ID is generated everytime you factory reset your phone. After registration, you will be able to use Google’s apps on your device running a custom ROM. This is a move from Google to keep device makers away from bypassing Google’s CTS channel. CTS channel is a way by which device makers contact Google to register their device.

Hence, device makers who have not registered or have bypassed Google’s CTS channel will no longer be able to provide Google Apps and Services. It will warn the device makers to go through proper certification channel in order to preload Google Apps and Services in their devices.


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