Sprect Secures ₹50 Lakh in Angel Funding to Scale Operations

Sprect, a C2C consulting marketplace, has successfully raised ₹50 lakh in Angel funding from Siddarth (Sid) Shetty, Chief Business Development Officer at ServiceChannel.

The funding infusion aims to expedite product development, bolster the team, intensify marketing endeavors, and drive sales growth, according to an announcement by the company.

Founded in August 2023 by Mohit Khadaria and Vishal Rupani, Sprect (Super Connect) endeavors to bridge the gap between individuals and professionals across diverse fields by facilitating online interactions. 

The platform directly links users with leading professionals (PROs) for personalized consultations, offering a turnkey system for brand building, scheduling, payment processing, and video calls while safeguarding privacy.

Expressing enthusiasm about the funding, Mohit Khadaria, Co-founder of Sprect, remarked, “We are thrilled to welcome Sid to our exciting journey. His remarkable expertise in team-building, coupled with his pivotal contributions to the success of unicorn-status companies, serves as a source of inspiration for us.”

Sprect’s marketplace boasts a diverse pool of PROs from esteemed organizations such as Airtel, Google, Times Internet, WarnerBros, and Discovery, along with renowned educational institutions like IIM, IIT, ISB, and UCLA. Government officials including Principal Income Tax Commissioner and Mumbai Police Commissioner, as well as Indian Olympians, are also part of the platform.

This wide-ranging expertise ensures users can connect with professionals possessing precise skills and experience tailored to their needs, facilitating progress toward their goals.

The fresh funding injection positions Sprect for accelerated growth and further market penetration, as it continues to disrupt the C2C consulting landscape with its innovative platform and comprehensive solutions.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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